I am so happy I’ve been doing these everyday happenings this year. It’s been so fun for me to look back each month and remind myself of all the amazing things that had happened, but I also love how much I’ve tried to take photos of the “everyday” life since doing it. I have random photos of Kyle and I or the little pups and it’s so fun to look at and have to remember for years down the road. 

This month started off with working on redoing our bedroom. I haven’t done much with our bedroom decor, so it was fun to start getting some items. I found the cutest mirror that I bought from Amazon and I love it. You can purchase it here. We also took some family photos on the bed and this may sound cheesy, but I was so excited with how well I did taking and editing these photos all by myself. You can see more of the photos I took at this post here.

These posts wouldn’t be complete without my favorite photos of my cute little pups. Things with Lexi and Lou have just continued to get better, especially as we continue to train Lexi. Lou was so much easier to train, but now that Lexi is getting the hang out things, it has improved a lot. She loves her food and will do anything for food, which is opposite of Lou! Seriously I can’t get over how opposite they are. We got Lexi and Lou Disney apparel, which is the cute bow tie photo of Lou. Of course we did right?

I had a girls night with my girls Sadie and Chelsie and it just reminded me how grateful I am for good friends who support and encourage me. Late night soccer games were of course part of our month! I use to love the late games, but man I’m getting old or something because they kick my butt now! haha But you do what you do to play soccer!

WE WENT TO T SWIFT AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! Kyle and I flew out to California to attend the Taylor Swift concert at the Rose Bowl. I was honestly way excited to just be in the Rose Bowl too. We were going to go to Disneyland the day before the concert, but Kyle is still at busy season and wasn’t able to get work off, so we flew out on Saturday morning….or that was the plan. We ended up having our flight get delayed so we arrived later than we had planned. We still were able to get our Shake Shack and then head back to the hotel to get ready for the concert. I forgot to bring a jacket and if you know me, you know I get cold very easily. So we had to stop at the local mall (luckily it was close to Shake Shack) and I picked up the cheapest jacket I could find at the local H & M. Gotta love a good story! The concert was amazing and I was seriously so happy that Kyle came with me. I’ve always loved that he loved Taylor Swift.

We got a tent and set it up for a date night in! We also are focusing on date nights, especially with Kyle working so late. I love how many unique ideas Kyle comes up with for our dates. You can see all the photos from the date here.

That was all the big stuff this month! We also had 3 piano recitals, which always makes life a little crazy, but I love them and the feeling I get when I see the students perform their songs that they have been working on is just incredible. I’m grateful for a great May! I’m excited for June too because Kyle is off of busy season and we can play, play, PLAY! We are excited to use our Get Out Passes every week too. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a pass that gives you access to a lot of free activities all year long, including Lagoon! I wrote a whole post about it (including a discount code) here.

Now onto the segment where I share with you my top 3 purchases from the month!

My Top 3 Purchases:

1. My Long White Mirror: This mirror has changed my life and is under $50! I absolutely love it and it has been so nice to finally have a long mirror in our bedroom.

2. Brown Felt Fedora: We all know I’m obsessed with hats, so when I found this fedora online for only $14….I knew I needed it. I was a little worried on how I’d like it and the quality, but it fits great and the quality is also amazing for being so cheap! I’d buy another (and probably should since my sister stole my hat and I haven’t gotten it back yet).

3. Concealer: This concealer is the most amazing makeup product I’ve found. It works so well and helps to brighten up under my eyes, all while blending right in with my skin and foundation. I’ve even gotten my sister in law hooked on it! 

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