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Kyle and I believe that having a regular date night is extremely important.  We make sure to have a date night at least once a week. We try to schedule it out for Friday nights, but if something comes up, we reschedule it to Saturday. Date nights don’t have to be a big, extravagant event where you go somewhere.  The best part of date night for me is making sure we have time together, just the two of us.  Today I want to share one of our favorite date night in ideas with you, living room campout.

About a year ago Kyle mentioned that he wanted to have a campout in our living room.  At the time we didn’t have a tent, so we ended up just sleeping in our bed, but after that we knew we wanted to get a tent. We found this tent on sale for a great deal and now you can get it for an even better deal during ShopKo’s Friends and Family sale. You can use online coupon code “FNF261” which will give you an extra 20% off and free shipping over $99. This sale is good between May 20 – May 23, 2018.

Once we had the tent, we decided to set it up for a date night in.  Setting the tent up was really easy. It took us less than 10 minutes, and taking it down was just as great.  I love how big and roomy the tent is for two people. We fit really well and even had a lot of extra pillows, blankets, snacks and games. We loved that this tent had an amazing view of the sky (that of course we just saw the ceiling during this campout, but it made us excited for when we take it actual camping).  


We brought out our sleeping bags, laid out some pillows and blankets and called it good! We got take out and played some card games together. Egyptian Ratscrew is our favorite and we’ve been playing and keeping track of who has won since we started dating. I’m winning, but it’s definitely a close race! We also had purchased our favorite snacks, but if you wanted to stick with the theme you could roast marshmallows or starbursts over your stove or fireplace (I use to do this as a kid with my siblings), have some trail mix, and go on a hike beforehand. Since we were in our living room and threw this date together last minute, we ended up just watching some Netflix, and then turned it off and went to sleep. It was still way fun and one of our more relaxing dates.

It was one of my favorite ideas for dates that Kyle has had. I love that he is always trying to come up with new and creative date ideas for us. We aren’t much campers outdoors (we go maybe once a summer), so this was a fun way to mix up our dates and camp the way we love. You can shop the supplies needed for your own date night in using my Maven Board below:

Are you more of a camper or a glamper? Leave a comment below and let’s see which one has the most votes.

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