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Now, I know what you are thinking….WHITE bedding, Karli? Do you know how dirty that is going to get? Well I’m here to tell you exactly why you should stop thinking like that and buy white bedding!

Before we get into all my many reasons I love white bedding, I want to tell you that Shopko is having their big “Stop, Shop, and Drop the Prices” sale event happening this week (ends May 12th)! No coupons or discount codes are needed to get the discounts either. I got my white bedding from Shopko while it was on sale and now you can too! You can use code “SHIP99” to get Free Shipping over $99 as well, and they ship items so quickly.  I ordered my bedding late Monday night at 11 pm and it came by Thursday afternoon.  They also have free in store pick up, which I’ve done when I purchased a tent from Shopko and it was so easy. 

You can purchase the white bedding I have here:

There are so many different reasons why I love my white bedding and why I will never go back to color, but here are a few of my favorite reasons.

1. It Brightens Up Your Room: When we first moved into our home, the previous owners had painted the master bedroom a navy blue. I did not like the color, but we’ve been too busy (and honestly too lazy) to repaint it. I love that my white bedding helps to brighten up the darkened room.

2. Decorate With The Seasons: I find it so fun and exciting to decorate my house for every season and holiday. One of my piano students told me today that I “have a lot of decorations in [my] house. Probably like a bajillion!” hahaha She then proceeded to count 35 decorations in my front room and then realized it was time to begin her piano lesson again. So if that doesn’t have you convinced that I’m a décor junky, I don’t know what would! Having white bedding allows me to change up my pillows to match the different seasons and also makes for the best bedding to place an accent blanket as well. I love during the Christmas season when I can put out a buffalo plaid accent blanket at the end of my bed and line the top of the bed with red and black pillows.  It looks so nice and brings Christmas into my bedroom.

3. It’s Not As Hard To Clean As You Think: I will admit, white bedding can get dirty or look dirtier than your dark navy blue bedding, BUT I’m here to tell you that it is not as hard to clean your white bedding as you think. You can wash your whites at a really high temperature, which you can’t do for other colored bedding.  I’m a huge fan of Simple Green.  If you haven’t tried it, I can’t stress enough how you need to click this link and buy it NOW! My mom started using it when we were younger to get the stains out of my brother’s white soccer shorts and socks…..and as a high school boy who played soccer as a defender, he was constantly getting those shorts and socks stained beyond belief.  Simple Green was the only thing that my mom found that would get any stain out of his soccer uniform, and it is my go to for stains now that I’ve moved out.  I really can’t recommend it enough.  Also my friend Chelsie from Hey There Chelsie recommended that I use Oxyclean and says that it works wonders on her white bedding!

4. It Looks Elegant and Classy: When we bought our house and I started decorating, I always knew I wanted my home to be simple (although it probably doesn’t sound like it with how obsessed I am with decorations), clean, bright, and classy. White is one color that really draws me in when decorating my home because it adds an elegant and classy feel that I love.

5. It Matches Everything: White is perfect for when I decide to completely change my master bedroom, because it will still match and I won’t have to go buy new bedding. As I mentioned earlier my bedroom is painted navy blue and I don’t want it to be that way for much longer. I love that my white bedding matches now, but when we paint in the next few months, it will still match! No more wasting money on bedding that you don’t need to.

Do I have you convinced yet? If not I dare you to go buy some white bedding and try it out. You know, let the product do the talking? Then I know you’ll be convinced.  I bought this bedding because of the small details that added to the bedding and love it. If you don’t like the white though, it does come in a lot of other pretty colors and those are on sale as well.  You can shop the other colors here.

Also, let’s play an “I Spy” game real quick! Anyone see a cute furry friend who wishes they were back on the bed? 

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