With all the traveling Kyle and I like to do, I’ve learned what my favorite pieces are to wear while traveling and what items are nice to have handy on an airplane when it comes to my outfit. So today I am sharing 25 airplane outfit ideas for how to travel comfortably in style.

Things To Remember When Dressing For Travel Days:

1.Jackets Will Be Your Friend: Airplanes always get so cold for me, but sometimes my destination is too warm to wear a full on sweater. Layering with a jacket is essential while traveling. Recently I’ve been bringing my favorite denim jacket that can be found here, and tying it around my waist as part of my outfit before and after the flight. This allows the jacket to be part of my outfit, without having to wear it or carry it around.

2. Cozy Socks: I love packing a pair of cozy socks in my carry on to put on once we are on the plane. This way I can still wear my casual converse shoes, with no shoe socks, but have something comfortable and warm for the actual flight.

3. Hats: I love wearing hats, but they can be hard to pack for traveling. This is why I will wear a hat to the airport as more of a way to have my hat for the trip, without having to squish it in my suitcase. Many times I’ll wear it through security, and then take it off on the plane.

4. Plan Ahead: Many times when we head to Disneyland (or anywhere) we have plans to go somewhere immediately after we land. Sometimes I will take a change of clothes in my carry on to change in the airport bathroom, but many times if I plan ahead what I wear to the airport, can be the same outfit I wear to the park. For example, a pair of black overalls and t shirt is casual enough to be comfortable on the plane, but still can be cute when paired with my Minnie Mouse ears once I step into the park.

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5. Comfort is King: I love being comfortable when I travel, especially during long road trips or our red eye flights. Comfy clothes helps me sleep easier, or allows me to move my body around to sit however I want. Definitely be smart about how you can move around in the outfit you chose. Although a casual dress is comfortable, I only wear that on short flights. Red eyes or long drives I gravitate toward jumpsuits or joggers as I don’t have to worry about my leg placement while wearing these.

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25 Airplane Outfit Ideas:

1.Leggings with t shirt, denim jacket and tennis shoes

2. T shirt dress, denim jacket and Converse shoes

3. Relaxed jeans and comfy t shirt

4. Jeans, a tank top and cardigan

5. Jumpsuit and denim or cargo jacket

6. Jumpsuit with t shirt tied on top

7. Jeans and a t shirt with button up around waist

8. Jeans and t shirt with casual cardigan

9. Straight legged pants, nice blouse and jacket

10. Joggers with a t shirt and jacket or vest

11. Midi dress with denim jacket tied around your waist

12. Joggers, t shirt, layered chambray shirt and hat

13. Jeans and a white tee shirt (for lots of styling ideas on this, check out my “How To Style A White Shirt and Jeans” blog post.

14. Overalls and cute blouse

15. Joggers, white shirt and jean jacket

16. Joggers and black tee shirt

17. Jeans, a white shirt, plaid button up tied around waist and baseball cap

18. Jeans and t shirt with a hoodie

19. Leggings and a zip up jacket

20. Joggers and sweatshirt

21. Jeans and a sweatshirt

22. Jeans, a hoodie and layered with a denim jacket

23. Oversized chunky sweater with leggings

24. Biker shorts and an oversize t shirt

25. Chunky sweater and jeans

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Hopefully these airplane outfit ideas were helpful! What type of outfit do you wear while traveling? Let me know in the comments below and then don’t forget to pin your favorite outfits from above for future reference.

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