Disney will always have my heart. I absolutely love the magic of the theme parks, walking down main street, and screaming on Space Mountain. The smell of churros, giving the characters a hug, and the decorations during the holidays. I grew up going to Disneyland at least every other year and so it holds a lot of special memories for me. Over the years I’ve worn a lot of Disney outfits to the parks and today I want to share with you my Disney Outfit Guide including what to wear to the Disney theme parks, where to purchase them, and how to style them. I’ve split the list into two sections, the first is Disney outfits that have Disney characters or sayings on them. The second is items of clothing you can wear outside the park while not repping Disney, but dress it up in a certain way inside the park to look as Disney-fied as possible. 


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I use to buy a new Disney shirt every time I went to a Disney park. It was fun to get a new outfit to wear and I went so many times, that I cycled through my outfits so many times I loved purchasing new ones. Lately though I’ve been being particular about which shirts I buy and where, as well as which shirts have become my staples.

Mickey Mouse Shirt: This is my most staple Disney outfit item and it is cheap when you purchase it here as compared to the parks. I can wear this with so many items dress it up a lot of different ways. Tie a red plaid button up around my waist, put a denim vest over it, wear it with a pair of colorful leggings, wear it with a denim skirt, or even wear it with a pair of overalls. The possibilities are endless. I have one in white and one in gray.



Red and White Polka Dot Minnie Hoodie: I always take a hoodie to the Disney park, because you never know what the weather will do. Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean that I have to hide away my Disney apparel.  That’s why I love this hoodie. It is extremely comfortable, really cute, and makes me look just like Minnie.


Minnie Ears: I love buying Minnie Mouse ears in different colors or styles depending on the season. I have a set of Christmas ears that I got before I went to Disneyland, and I bought both the glitter ones in the park. I suggest getting at least one black and red pair for the classic look, but the rose gold glitter is my other favorite that goes perfectly with the rose gold churro shirt.

Monsters University Hat/Minnie Mouse Hat: I will say that the Ears can start to hurt your head after awhile, so I normally wear my ears the first half of the day and then suggestion putting on a hat for the rest of the day. I love my Monsters University hat because the blue can match a lot of my shirts or outfits I own. I also have the Minnie Mouse hat which is a great staple for my red, white, and black Disney looks. Both of these hats were purchased in the parks, but I linked some from Amazon above.

Rides T Shirt: As I mentioned earlier, shopping for T shirts before I leave has been a great way to save money. I found this blue t shirt that has a list of some of my favorite rides and was the perfect addition to my Disney wardrobe. I could dress it up with my Minnie ears or a hat. The shop I got this from is currently closed, but Happily Ever Tees is also a fun place to get fun Disney shirts before your trip.

Custom T Shirts: One year my mom, sister, and I had custom Disney shirts made for our trip. We had the saying “You had me at let’s go to Disney” written on the front.

Disney Collections: Many stores have been creating Disney themed lines to sell in their stores. Currently you can shop here and here before you go to the park, for fun Disney outfits at a great price. I also love this shops full line of Disney shirts and accessories, including their new Hipster Princess line. Shop it here. You can also shop Disney’s line beforehand here.


Churro Shirt: This shirt is perfect for anyone who loves the Disney churros as much as I do. The best part is they have the popular rose gold color that matches the Disney ears that are so popular at the parks right now. They also have a pretty light blue as well as kid sizes. These shirts are great for Cinco de Mayo parties or any other theme park you may be visiting. 


Black Overalls: I love the overall trend right now. If you don’t know how to style them, I wrote a whole blog post here. One of my favorite ways to dress for Disney during the fall is to wear my black overalls with either my Mickey Mouse shirt or a cute black and white blouse underneath. I even wear the black and white shirt and overalls outside of the park during the fall for a cute look. Adding the Minnie Mouse ears and the red bandana make the outfit perfect for Disney.


Blue Floral Leggings: I love a good casual day at Disney, but I also am all about going as hard as we can to ride all our favorites 3-4 times in a day. On those days, I like to make sure I’m in activewear so that I am comfortable as well as can move around easily. This leggings are my favorite, plus they are way cute. Pair it with a white shirt and Monsters University hat, or pair it with a Mickey shirt and you’ve got a great Disney outfit. Best part? I wear these leggings outside of the park all the time. They don’t have my same blue ones anymore, but I also own the red pair and they are perfect for Disney too.


Denim Jacket: As I said earlier, taking a jacket is always on my list. Sometimes I want a jacket and not a hoodie, so on those days I grab a denim jacket that can be paired with my leggings.


Stripe Tee Shirt: This has been one of my staples lately while at Disney. I can pair it with shorts and tuck in the front for an added stylish look or pair it with a red bandana and glitter shoes for the added Disney touches. I posted this outfit in my stories on Instagram one day everyone went crazy for this outfit. I love it because each of these items can be worn again outside of the park, so I’m saving money and using the most with what I have. Plus this one I linked is under $8!!! You can purchase it here.

Glitter Shoes: I get more questions about my glitter shoes while I’m in Disney than anything else. People love them. I bought the gold ones, but the rose gold are really pretty too. I bought them here, but because it is a deals site, they aren’t always available. I check the site often though and have seen them come back multiple times.


Denim Vest: I bought a denim vest this year and have already loved wearing it. I put it over my Mickey Mouse shirt for an added flare of style and then it takes my already worn Mickey T shirt, into a whole new outfit.


Jeans in Blue, Black, and Red: I love jeans and they will forever be my favorite clothing item to wear, so Disney is no exception. For the most part from October – April I wear jeans, and during the summer months I wear shorts. You can see a list of the shorts I wear here. I love bringing a good pair of jeans in blue and black because the black is perfect to wear and switch things up, as well as adding the denim vest on top. Red pants are always fun because it’s Disney, but my current ones don’t fit, so I need a new pair. 

Polka Dot Shirt: Polka dots always remind me of Minnie Mouse, so wearing my red pants and a fun polka dot shirt, is always fun at Disney.


Red Bandanas: My go to item to make any outfit have a pop of Disney red. I love this link because they have a variety of red bandanas that are all under $4! I have the paisley one for $2 and wear it all the time.


Alex and Ani: I love my Alex and Ani Disney bracelets and I wear them everyday outside of the park, but it’s even more fun to rock them during the park days.


Stance Disney Socks: I love my stance Disney socks and they are so fun to wear and rock in the parks. Not only are they very comfortable, but they have so many fun styles. They have men and women’s styles too. 



Holiday Shirts: I love to purchase fun holiday T shirts before I leave that can be worn in the park with my holiday ears, or outside the park to a holiday party. You’ve paid for one shirt, but worn it to two different events. My favorite holiday shirts can be found during their respective holiday seasons here. They have halloween available here

Christmas Sweaters: Amazon has a variety of Christmas sweaters that are fun for the holiday season. You can shop my favorite one here

Christmas Light Necklace: These are so fun, especially for men to wear. They can be purchased in the park and they are Mickey Mouse shaped Christmas light necklaces. You can also purchase Christmas light necklaces here or Walmart before you go to the park to save money.

Ears: As I said earlier, I love Disney ears, and holiday ears are no exception. Disney makes ears for Christmas, Halloween, and the Fourth of July. I own a pair of Christmas ones that I got before I went to the park from here, and this year I want a Halloween pair!

Halloween Costumes: If you are lucky enough to go to Disney during Halloween time, you will see a lot of people wearing Disney Halloween Costumes. If you need ideas on how to make easy DIY Disney Halloween costumes, I’ve got you covered on this post.

I hope this post was helpful for all your Disney outfit needs. Stay tuned and subscribe to here about more Disney posts such as tips and tricks for your Disney vacations for Disneyland, Disney World, and Disneyland Paris. 

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