I frequently get asked how to change the way you wear an outfit because it can be so easy to get stuck in wearing the same outfit in the same way each time. We stick with what we are comfortable with and I don’t blame us for doing that. Today I want to share tips on styling an outfit that everyone has: white tee and jeans. So grab your jeans, throw on a white tee and find out my 5 ways to style a white tee and jeans.

Style #1: Add A Scarf

I love a good neck or hair scarf when styling a basic outfit. For this look, I used my polka dot skinny scarf to tie a bow around my neck and in my hair. You could also tie it around a bag, your wrist, or in a ponytail. I wrote an entire post with additional ways to style a scarf that you can read here.

Style #2: Add A Flannel

One of my favorite ways to change up an outfit is to tie a flannel shirt around my waist. It helps to add color to the white tee and takes the outfit one step further than the basics. If tying it around your waist isn’t your thing, feel free to wear the flannel over the white tee.

Style #3: Add A Purse or Bag

A bag or purse can help to show what type of look you are going for. A casual straw bag helps show a more relaxed look, while pairing the outfit with a nice crossbody or clutch can showcase a fancier look perfect for date night.

Style #4: Focus On Your Shoes

I’ve never been a “shoe girl” by any means, but recently I’m learning how important your shoes are for finishing off a look. Your shoes can tell you everything you need to know about an outfit and just by changing the shoes can help change the look. You can see how different these two outfits are just by changing the shoes. One look is styled with Keds and the other with heels, and it changes the entire look.

Some of my favorite shoes to wear with jeans and a white tee include nude heels, wedges, tennis shoes, Keds, and sandals.

Style #5: Add A Hat

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that my favorite accessory is a good hat. I not only think they look cute, but they are great for hiding day 4 hair! haha Am I right?! Hats are one of my favorite ways to change up an outfit.

What was your favorite look that I put together? Notice how I combined the different tips from above to create endless amount of outfits ideas.


Tip #1: Color Matching – If you are looking for an easy and simple solution to dress up your white tee shirt, start with ONE color. Don’t overwhelm yourself by over thinking the mixing and matching of colors and what goes well together, just start with one. Are your shoes red? Add a red bow. Your purse is blush pink? Wear blush nude heels. Your baseball hat is green? Add a green flannel shirt. This is a simple way to add color to your outfit in a simple way that is not overwhelming.

Tip #2: Jeans – In these photos I am wearing the same jeans because I wanted to show you how to take the exact same outfit and change it up, but I felt it was appropriate to mention that a great way to style your outfit is by changing what type of jeans you are wearing. Skinny jeans are easy to dress up with a pair of nice heels. Move toward a pair of boyfriend, ripped denim for a more casual feel.

Tip #3: Front Tuck or Tie a Knot – These are two ways to change up a simple white shirt (or any outfit). I love the front tuck for a more feminine look that brings focus to your curves. The knot in a shirt gives me a more casual feel. I like to size up when I tie a knot.

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