10 Things for adults to do in Walt Disney World

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Many times when Kyle and I tell people that we are big Disney fans, people laugh and say “Why would you go there without kids? Isn’t is just long lines and overly crowded?” I have so many things to say when people ask me this (especially as an annual passholder to Disneyland), but that’s not the point of this post. Today I want to share with you all 10 things for adults to do at Walt Disney World for a more “grown up” experience.

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1. Eat At One Of The Amazing Restaurants

Walt Disney World has some of the most amazing restaurants I’ve eaten at. Not only is the food amazing, but the atmosphere is so fun and themed. Check out the restaurant options here and make sure to get a reservation as soon as you can. Reservations open up 60 days in advance for guests staying on property and 30 days for guests staying off property. Some of the top restaurants I’ve heard of from my research and listening to Podcasts include: The Boathouse, Garden Grill Restaurant, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Sci-Fi Dine In Theater, and Tiffins. I haven’t been to all of these (just the Sci-Fi Dine In), but I’ve heard great things and it’s on my list to try a new one each time I go back to Disney World. Another suggestion if you want to stick to a budget, but still experience one of the restaurants is to dine at the Be Our Guest restaurant during lunch time. Make a reservation during the lunch hour and you can eat in the Beast’s castle including the ballroom and his bedroom while paying less than the dinner pricing. Kyle and I dined there this trip and it was one of my favorite experiences of the entire trip.

2. Visit Pandora and Star Wars Land (Coming 2019)

If you haven’t visited the land of Pandora at Animal Kingdom before, you are missing out. The Flight of Passage Ride is absolutely amazing. The first time we rode the ride, we walked away just feeling like our minds were blown. This year we made sure to get fast passes for it on two different days because it is so worth it. You can see more about the ride here. Star Wars land isn’t open yet, but Disney is already talking about the cool details it will have for adults and I can’t wait to go.

10 Things For Adults in Walt Disney World

3. Hang By The Pool or at the Water Parks

Taking a break during the day to go back to your hotel and lounge out by the pool or visit one of Disney’s water parks is a great way to beat the heat and the crowds. Kyle and I normally take a break between 2-4 pm where we are out of the park to recharge and get ready to finish the rest of the day. This is a perfect time to chill at one of the hotel pools or water parks. I have been to Typhoon Lagoon a few years back and had a wonderful time. 

4. Try World Class Snacks Around the World in Epcot

Kyle and I choose one day every time we attend Walt Disney World to spend the afternoon trying different snacks from each country in the World Showcase at Epcot. We start at one end and get a small snack from each country and call that our lunch for the day.

Things For Adults in Epcot

5. Disney Springs

Disney Springs is free to visit and is an outdoor mall and hang out location located on Disney property. We visit it each time we go to WDW and shop at the variety of stores (including many Disney themed stores). We love eating at the restaurants, going bowling, and attending a movie. This last summer we went to a movie and had lunch while watching the movie. Their movie theater has a restaurant so they bring you great food during your movie. It was really fun.

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6. Animal Kingdom’s Animal Safari

If you are looking for a chill ride that is more than your typical fantasy land ride, the Safari located in Animal Kingdom should be your go to. You can see animals up close and take photos during the ride. It’s fun to see all the animals and one time we even had some Giraffes walk right up to our jeep. It was really fun.

7. Dine Around The World

Earlier I mentioned that we like to snack around the world for one of our lunches, where we get a snack from each of the countries in Epcot’s World Showcase. Another fun thing is to eat at the variety of restaurants or small venues for a full on meal. We’ve taken time to eat at the Mexican Restaurant and really enjoyed it. Our favorite is the Chinese Restaurant. The food is delicious and it’s indoors, so you get a chance to cool down, get a drink, and enjoy a relaxing, great meal.

Dine Around The World At Walt Disney World

8. Attend a Show

There are so many fun shows around the park, that are even for adults. Seeing the Beauty and the Beast show at Hollywood Studios or the bird show at Animal Kingdom is always our favorites. We also love watching the fireworks and parades, yes even as adults.

9. Resort Hop

The resorts at WDW are absolutely amazing. They are each themed in a different way and the monorail even connects many of them so you can hop off and visit. I highly suggest taking a break one day and visiting some of the hotels and see the fun atmosphere and theming. We stayed at the Pop Century hotel and loved how fun the theming was as well as how convenient it was to stay on property. Totally worth it!

10. Golf

I’m not much of a golfer, but Kyle loves golfing. So he loves to visit the ESPN Golf Course they have in Walt Disney World. They even have special deals going on at different times of the year where you can get a game and golf and food for a great deal.

10 Things For Adults To Do in Walt Disney World

Hopefully this list helps you get ready for your fun and exciting trip to Walt Disney World, even as an adult. Don’t ever let anyone lead you to believe that a Disney park is just for kids, because I can definitely prove them wrong. What else would you add to this list?

Things For Adults in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle

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