I live in good ol’ Utah, where it snows endless amounts of snow (or so it feels like it) during the Winter months. There is no chance of walking outside during January or February without needing a big, winter coat. I’ve always had a hard time with this because I felt like I was covering up my cute outfit I had spent time putting together, just to hide it away underneath a big coat. So I started to get creative and came up with helpful tips to show you how to style your winter coats in a way that makes you feel cute all winter long!


Everyone who leaves somewhere it snows, has a big puffy coat. It’s normally so big and bulky, that it’s hard to make it feel cute, but you still wear one because otherwise you’ll freeze. So let’s talk about 5 things you can do to make your puffy coat seem more put together.

1.Pair It With a Blanket Scarf: When I wear my big coat and pair it with a blanket scarf (whether tied around my neck or draped down) it instantly adds not only some color, but an added POP of magic that turns a once drab coat, into a styled item. Plus the blanket scarf keeps you even warmer, making it a win-win situation.

2. Let Your Boot Socks Show: I’m loving this trend right now not only because it keeps my socks extra warm, but it can help tie my big coat, with my shoes. When you can match your coat and shoes, it helps tie the outfit together making it seem not only useful, but purposeful in styling. I had the stripe on my socks match my coat (black) and my boots were brown so they stood out and matched my scarf.

3. Bright Colored Beanie/Boots: I love bright colors, and this red beanie really helps me feel stylish, while warm. By adding accessories that are colorful and fun, it makes my black coat seem less drab and a lot more fab! I also like to wear my rain boots because they are normally more colorful (mine are bright pink) and this helps to bring attention to the boots and brighten up a dull colored coat.

4. Layer, Layer, Layer: I also styled my big coat with layers and less bright colors so you could see how that would look (in case you are more a neutral colored gal). I took a pair of black leggings, a cream colored long sweater and paired it with a black vest. Adding these layers can allow me to leave my coat open and not zipped up, so I can stay warm, but you can still see a warm outfit underneath. This helps the coat to become an extension of the existing outfit and not an add on or after thought. If you have a big enough vest, you can always put the vest over the coat making the coat even more part of your outfit.

5. Dress It Up and Not Down: One way to help style up a winter coat, is to dress up the items you can even with a coat on. We’ve mentioned adding bright colored accessories, but with this tip I recommend taking fancier accessories and using those to your advantage. Adding a nicer hat or a beret is one of these ways. I can leave my coat zipped up and have my beret be the center point of my outfit. Drawing attention away from a black, plain coat, and toward a cute hat, glasses, or shoes.

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It’s not always possible to just through on some boots and a beanie to dress up your coat though, so what do you do when you are on your way to a concert, date night, or church? You still need a coat, but you still want to be dressed up and fancy. Let’s share 3 tips for keeping your look nice enough for a fancy date night out.

1.Buy a Dress Coat/Pea Coat: This may seem obvious, but I’m surprised at how many people don’t have a nicer coat to wear to church or nice events. If you live in a cold state, I definitely recommend buying one. I’ve found some for fairly inexpensive from H&M, Forever 21, Shein, and Romwe. The reason I’m okay to buy more of an inexpensive coat for my fancy coat is because I don’t need to wear it as often as my big, nice, puffy coat. I bought this plaid coat for $20 from Romwe and it has been the perfect coat to wear to church or date nights. It doesn’t button up, so it fits nicely over my dresses, still showcasing them, but keeps me warm. I also have a white dress coat from Forever 21 that I’ve owned for 6 years and because I don’t wear it as often, it still is in great condition and I only spent $25 on it.

2. Accessorize With Warmer Items: Since dress coats aren’t as good at keeping me warm, I will make sure to wear a nice scarf or a cute pair of tights or leggings with my outfit to keep me warmer. You don’t need to overdo it, but it’ll help keep you warmer. If you don’t have a dress coat, and need to use your big puffy coat while going out somewhere nice, use a cute pair of tights, a nice beanie, a pair of cute gloves, or a fur scarf to make the coat seem fancier.

3. Dress Coats Gone Casual: Don’t think that you would only use your dress coat for when you went out for a night on the town, because there are many times I’ve worn my dress coat with skinny jeans and a simple sweater or boyfriend jeans and a graphic tee. Don’t be afraid to mix it up to get the most use out of your coat.

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Additional Coats And Jackets

1.Colorful Puffer Coat: I love my red puffer coat because it doesn’t require much to make it look styled since it is so colorful. I love to wear it over jeans and a hoodie, or graphic tee, but my favorite way is to wear it over my jumpsuits. These lightweight puffer coats are my favorite to layer on top of your jumpsuits.

2. Denim Jackets or Leather Jackets: I highly recommend having both a leather and denim jacket. These are perfect for transitional times during the weather where you don’t need your big coat, but they are also fun to layer with your big coats or your hoodies.

3. Black Wind Jacket: Having a simple black wind jacket in your closet should definitely be a staple. It doesn’t have to be super fancy and having it be a simple black color will allow it to match with most of your closet. I have one of these that I wear over colorful sweaters, jeans and a t shirt, to sporting events, or activities where there may be more movement on my end or be windy.

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If you are on a budget (like me) I would first start off by purchasing a nice quality big coat. This will be your best bet to staying warm. Some of my favorite places for purchasing these types of coats include Hollister (check their after winter sales, I got a coat for 70% off and it was my favorite until some homeless person broke into my car and stole it….very sad day) and Roolee (this is where my current winter coat is from, also purchased over the summer for 50%).

If you already have a big coat, my next purchase would be a pea coat. If you are on a budget, DO NOT feel like you have to go buy a expensive one from J. Crew (even thought they are adorable and I want one), keep it simple and go to H&M, Forever 21, or Shein. If you’ve never shopped from Shein you can read my blog post here that will help you feel safe buying from a shop in China.

Once you have those two items I would buy a denim jacket next, then a black wind breaker, then the colorful everyday puffer coat, and then finally a leather jacket. Don’t forget to shop on the off season for the best sales and that the coats you wear the most should be something you invest in.

I hope these tips were helpful in pushing you to think of ways to style your winter coats so you feel put together and stylish, all while staying warm. You can shop some of my favorite coats and winter accessories below. Don’t forget to pin your favorite image so that you can always remember the tips for seasons to come!

Shop a Variety of Budget Friendly/Stylish Coats Here. Also view some of my other favorites below:

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