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Have you ever wondered about the company Shein? Should you buy from Shein? How is the quality of clothes? Do they fit true to size? They have amazing discounts, but sometimes it feels almost too good to be true. That is exactly how I felt when I first heard of them, so I thought I’d give it a try. My friend wore a shirt to an event one day and I saw it and fell in love. When I asked where she got it, she told me Shein and then a few other friends started raving about the company. After I realized how many people had good experiences there, I decided to give it a try. Today I’m answering some of the questions I get when I tell people I buy from Shein. Many people may think this is a sponsored post, but it is not. I genuinely love the company this much and have always had people asking me if it really is okay to purchase from them, which is how this post was born.

What Is Shein?

Shein is a company from China that sells clothes at a really cheap price that is sometimes almost too good to be true. They sell everything from tops to dresses to shoes and accessories. Since they are based in China it does take about 7- 10 days before you get your items, but you can pay for faster shipping if you’d like. 

How is the quality of clothing?

I think the quality is great. It is definitely not high end, but I’ve owned shirts for over a year, wear them frequently and they are still going strong. I wouldn’t say the material is necessarily “cheap” but it’s not high end. I think it’s great though and it keeps me coming back. I think it is comparable to Old Navy quality.

How is sizing?

Sizing use to be tricky, but they recently switched to a website specifically for the USA and the sizing is much better. Check the stats under the sizing info for more details. I’ve only had one item that I purchased that was too small for me. You can return for free, but the $7 I spent on the shirt wasn’t even worth sending back so I didn’t mind. I normally am a size XSmall and I get a size XSmall from Shein, although sometimes depending on what the sizing says or how I want it to fit, I’ll go to a size Small. 

What’s the return policy?

“We only accept returns postmarked within 60 days from the purchase date. Use our return label to postmark your first return within 40 days from the purchase date, we’ll cover the cost of your first return shipping! For later returns or additional returns after the first one, a $7.99 fee will be deducted per return package, or you can return by using your local post office at your cost.” That was taken from their website. You can see more details here. I haven’t actually returned anything, so I can’t say to my experience with that, but it looks good.

Are the ratings fair? Is the one star category really that bad?

I don’t know if the one star ratings are really that bad, but I really do take into account the ratings each item receives. One thing I love about Shein is the reviews from real people wearing the item and letting others know how the item fits. I can see if more people thought it was true to size, small or large. One item that I felt was too small, had a lot of ratings all over the place and if I would’ve read the ratings first I probably would’ve known to not purchase it or get a bigger size. 

Have you had any bad experiences?

I’ve never had a bad experience shopping at Shein. I’ve only had one item that didn’t fit and I could have returned it I was just too lazy. I don’t mind waiting the extra 7 – 10 days because I’m not spending a lot and I feel like I’m getting a good deal. Just check the sizing guides and you should be fine. 

I will say that I’ve had one friend reach out and say that they don’t feel like their clothes fit curvy girls well because they bought a few large sized items and they are felt small. I’ve had other friends purchase larges and mediums though and they’ve been fine, so I definitely think it can sometimes be a hit and miss. 

Do They Ship Internationally?

Yes they do ship internationally!

Are They Super Reliable? I’ve Heard They Aren’t

From my experience they are really reliable, as I said above I’ve only had 2 sizing issues and the items to take longer to ship than normal, but I’ve had such great experiences that I can say they are reliable.

Are the pictures of the clothing on the website accurate to what you get?

Yes! Everything I’ve bought I am getting exactly what I ordered matching the photos online. I also love that people who have purchased items will post photos of themselves wearing the items so you can see what they received.

How can you tell if a specific product will turn out to be good quality?

I don’t think there is any real way to know if a product will be good quality or not, except the fact that I’ve never had a bad experience. If you are nervous, I would definitely read the reviews and see what others are saying. Also knowing that you can return your item for free, helps me shop with a lot more ease!

What Items Have You Bought?

I’ve made 3 separate purchases from Shein and I’m just about to make my fourth later this week for the fall season. I’ll show you some of my photos from my try on that is happening on my Instagram stories. If you want to see more details about how items fit and the details about the items, head to my Instagram Stories here and go to the highlight tab for “Try Ons”.

Should You Buy From Shein?

Whenever I answer this question, I immediately say HECK YES! I love it that much. Let me know if you have ever shopped from them and what your experience was like.

Shop The Items I’ve Purchased (See Photos Below):

Also here is the link to the hat I wore! Only $17! Purchase it here.


Let me know what your thoughts are and which item is your favorite that I purchased! 

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