A year ago I made a switch to high end makeup and I’m never going back.  I was always against high end makeup because I didn’t think it was worth the money and that I could get makeup that worked just as well from a drugstore.  I love saving money and never thought there was a need to buy high end makeup, but now I know….I was wrong.  

Drugstore makeup definitely has it’s place, and there are definitely still are makeup items from the drugstore that I purchase and use, but overall I buy my makeup from either Sephora or MAC or ULTA and it’s been the best decision for not only the overall look of my makeup and face, but my bank account!


I use to have NO idea how to do my makeup.  I was at a total loss for what to do and what to buy.  I decided to go to a professional makeup artist and have her show me how to do my makeup.  It was the best investment.  I feel like I know a little better what to do, but also I knew what to look for and buy.  I also learned that by using high quality makeup, my skin felt better and healthier. When I switched over to high end makeup, my makeup stayed on longer and looked better.  I love my new makeup and don’t think I could ever go back.  These are the items I think are the best high end makeup items for girls who like simple, everyday makeup, and are not beauty gurus.

Please Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I will get a portion of the sale. This does not increase your amount in anyway, but helps me pay for all the expenses that go along with blogging. Thanks for your support!


These products listed below are what I used on this everyday makeup look:

Primer – Smashbox Photo Finish: I love this primer because the green color helps to hide any redness that my face may have.  The color green helps to counteract any red in your face. I’ve also used a green concealer stick when I had a lot of acne.

Eyeshadow Palette – 350 Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette: This palette is so fun to use because there are so many colors, but they aren’t outrageous and as an everyday girl who isn’t into doing anything crazy for my makeup, it gives me everything that I need.  I normally stick with the same few colors, but I love switching it up every once in awhile for a different look. You can head to my Instagram story highlight under makeup to see a tutorial here.

Foundation – Covergirl Trublend Matte Liquid Foundation: Foundation is the only high end product that I haven’t switched to. I’ve noticed that if I use a high end primer and high end products on top of my foundation, I can use a simple foundation that I love and it works just as well.  

*Update a year later. I decided to try out MAC foundation. At first I didn’t like it, I felt like it made my concealer sit weird and you could tell I was wearing undereye concealer. So I was against it hard, but then I switched concealers to the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape and now the makeup sits really well together and I am loving the foundation!

Under Eye Brightener – Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector: One of my biggest concerns is that I have dark under eyes, so I’ve been using an under eye brightener to help brighten underneath and bring an added glow to my face.

Concealer – Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer: If I could choose a product that is hands down my favorite, it would be this concealer.  It helps to cover up any acne scars or pimples, as well as helps to brighten my face. I put it in my T zone as well as underneath my eyes for additional brightening.

*Update a year later. Never would I have thought I would find a concealer I love more than the Naked Skin Weightless one, but I am so obsessed with the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape that it’s not even funny. If you are looking for a concealer, buy this NOW!

Setting Powder – Laura Mercier Powder: I use a setting powder to make sure that all my liquid makeup is set and even. I love this one and it will last me well over a year.

Bronzer – Mac Sculpt Bronzer: I use this contour to contour my cheek bones and around the outside of my face in a 3 and backward 3 shape around my face. Also, I just bought the small tray and no holder (because hey I’m trying to save money over here!).

Blush – Mac Melba Blush: I love the color of this blush, it’s a simple pink that gives enough color, without overdoing it. I also love how well it stays on.

Highlighter – MAC Soft & Gentle: This highlighter is my second favorite product I own. I love how well it gives my face an added glow (because I’m all about the glow).  The difference in my makeup after putting on my highlighter is amazing.  I can’t believe I use to not wear any highlighter!

Eyeliner – ELF Liquid Liner: Right now I am finishing up my $2 ELF eyeliner, but then I am going to purchase this eyeliner.  My ELF liner doesn’t stay on very long and it’s frustrating to have to fix and put on multiple times a day, but it does the job for now.

*Update: I decided to try out the Stilla Stay All Day Eyeliner and man is it WAY better than ELF. It stays on all day and is extremely easy to put on (especially for someone who is a non beauty guru).

Mascara – They’re Real Benefit Mascara: This is my favorite mascara! Not only does it help my eyelashes look longer, fuller, and prettier, but it lasted me about 10 months! My favorite part of this mascara is how well it applies to my eyelashes.  I don’t have to use a lot of coats and it doesn’t clump my lashes (which is my biggest pet peeve with mascaras).

Update: I decided to try this Ever Whiplash Mascara and man I loved it! I felt like it made my eyelashes look longer and fuller. I loved the way it kept my lashes apart and didn’t clump together too. I also received a Christmas gift of this Covergirl mascara from my aunt and ended up loving it. If you have been wondering what mascara I’ve been using recently on my stories, it is this one.

Setting Spray – Urban Decay Chil: Using a setting spray to set my makeup has also been really helpful.  I don’t use this everyday, but every weekend for sure or anytime I’ll be busy all day long and will need to make sure my makeup still looks amazing by the end of the night.  It’s really helped and definitely worth the purchase.

Makeup Brushes I Use:

Eyes: Morphe Brush M441 and M433

Face: Morphe M41/This one is similar and on Ulta M 527

Highlighter: Morphe Brush M403

Contour: Morphe Brush M104


Although the high end makeup is a lot more expensive than the drugstore brands, I’ve learned how to not break the bank while shopping for these products.  When I was using drugstore brands, I was having to buy new products every 3 months, which means I was purchasing the same products an average of 4 times each year.  The best part about buying high end makeup….it lasts much longer than drugstore! I’ve had my high end makeup for a year now and only made a small dent in most of it (and yes I use the products everyday).  The only products I’ve had to buy twice is my mascara and my concealer.  They lasted me about 10 months (which is much longer than the drugstore products). 

I also have learned that when I buy online at Sephora or MAC or Ulta, I can get free samples when I purchase in separate orders.  I find the items I need to buy, purchase only what I need to get free shipping, then use coupons to lower the cost AND get me free samples.  So if my order is $80, but you need $25 for free shipping and a free gift, then I split my order into 3 separate orders and 2 extra samples! I stock up on the samples, and it helps save me money for buying future products as well.  

Shop the sales! Ulta is always having great sales to save you money on the best products.  Two months ago my concealer was buy one, get one free! It was basically getting high end makeup products at drugstore prices! I also was able to get my hair products at an amazing price during the sale too.  You can see which hair products I use by reading my blog post here.

I also use a coupon app on my computer that gives me coupons and let’s me know if I am getting the best deal.  I use the Honey and Wikibuy. You put the items in your cart, click on the plug in and it finds online coupons and automatically tests the coupons so you get the best deal possible.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s change the way you shop for your makeup! Let’s get you some high end products that will give you the results you want for a price that you feel good about! Happy shopping!

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