It’s no surprise that I’ve been obsessed with having hair extensions the last 5 months.  I was so wishy washy on whether I should get them or not, but it really was the best hair decision I’ve made.  I absolutely love them for so many reasons.  If you have ever wondered about getting extensions, but are on the fence about it, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me any questions you have.  

Today I wanted to share with you how I take care of my hair extensions.  The great thing about this post is that it’s not just for hair extensions, but these hair products are great for everyone.  

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I’ve tried a few different shampoo and conditioner sets over the years, but this new one is my favorite.  With my extensions I needed to use a sulfate-free shampoo, which is how I found this.  I also got the Frizz Control to help with my frizz.  The conditioner is also amazing and really helps to leave my hair feeling smooth and tangle free.  

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Purchase Here:    Frizz Dismiss Sulfate-Free Shampoo   ||      Frizz Dismiss Conditioner


I use to always dry my hair right away, but after talking to my stylist I learned that your hair is actually weakest when it is wet.  She suggested waiting a few hours to let it air dry and then blow drying it after it has had some time.  I also suggest not drying it on high, but on medium heat so that you aren’t overdoing it with the amount of heat on your hair.  Before I dry my hair I use Sebastian Trilliant to protect against heat. I dry my hair with a round brush and my Nano Titanium blow dryer.

Purchase Here:   Sebastian Trilliant Heat Protector   ||   Nano Titanium Dryer   ||   Round Brush


Before I start styling I make sure to put the Sebastian Trilliant heat protector on my hair again if I didn’t already while drying my hair.  This helps to protect it against the curling iron or straightener.  To curl my hair I use my favorite 1 inch BaByliss Curling Iron.  I also use this brand for my straightener and blow dryer as well.  Once I am done styling I use a hair spray that keeps hold, but isn’t too sticky so that I can keep my extensions as healthy as possible.  The best I’ve found is Redken Triple Take Extra Hold Hairspray.  Before my hair extensions I loved using Big Sexy Hair Spray.  It was more sticky though so I don’t use it on my extensions now, but it holds so well.  Sometimes I still use it on my bangs to hold them back if need be.  

My favorite product I use for my hair though is SeaExtend Silkening Oil Treatment. I use it at the end of styling through all of my hair and it helps keep it smooth and healthy.  Then every night before bed I put it on to keep my hair healthy and not get dry.

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I sleep with my hair in a low side braid so that it doesn’t get tangled or messy.  I highly recommend putting the Silkening Treatment product in your hair before bed as well.  I like to brush my hair in sections (especially with the extensions) before bed too so that I make sure every part got brushed and is smooth.


I hate washing my hair.  The amount of time it takes and energy, is something I just don’t have time for! haha So I started to train my hair to go longer and longer without being washed.  Best decision ever.  I can now go over 3 weeks, but it’s about that time that I like to wash it, just because I’m ready for a good clean wash and to start out with my routine.  Using the products above has really been a big part of keeping my hair clean for longer.  

I also suggest finding a good dry shampoo.  I love the Batiste Dry Shampoo.  It works really well and is super cheap.  I’ve tried a few others and this is my favorite.  Extensions have also helped with being able to go longer without washing my hair.

Hopefully these products will help you get smoother, healthier hair that can last longer between washes! I swear by these products and highly recommend them.  If you have any hair care questions, please leave me a comment below! 

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