Washing my hair has always been my least favorite part of showering! I love the hot water, the clean body, but taking the time to wash my hair, then blow it dry, then style it….well it takes too much time for my liking! So about a year ago I started to slowly train my hair to not need to be washed.  In high school I would wash my hair every other day and I did that for most of college too, but then even that was taking up too much time for me.  You can train your hair to not need to be washed as much, and today I am sharing how I trained my hair to go 3 weeks without washing it.


1. Start Out Slow: You won’t go from one day to 3 weeks just like that, but if you start slowly, you can definitely get there.  I would start going every other day, then move to two days, then four, then a week.  You will want to do each of these until you feel like your hair is use to it.  It won’t take one try, but you’ll have to spend a few weeks only going 4 days in between before you can move on to a week.  After you can go a week I would try for 10 days, then 2 weeks, then 17 days, then 3 weeks.  After awhile you’ll be able to go longer and longer in between and it won’t take you as long to get there.

(Tentative Schedule: Every Other Day —> Every 2 Days —> Every 4 Days —> Once A Week —> Every 10 Days —> Every 2 Weeks —> Every 17 Days —> Every 3 Weeks) 

2. Use The Right Products: If you want to know why I am able to keep my hair so healthy without washing it, I would say it’s because of the products that I use.  I make sure to use good, healthy products on my hair in between washing and use high end Shampoo and Conditioners when I finally do wash it.  To see all the hair products I use, see my blog post here.

3. Be Strategic in How You Style Your Hair Each Day: I’ve learned that I can go longer between washes or hide my dirty hair depending on how I style my hair each day.  Below I’ve created a graphic for how I style my hair each day during my 3 week stretch. Pin the graphic below to help you remember!


Day 1-3: Straight

Day 4-7: Curly and Down 

Day 8: Curly and Down with a Side Braid

Day 9: Curly and Down with Bangs Braided and Pulled Back

Day 10-11: Side Braid

Day 12-13: Half Up Ponytail with Curly Hair Down

Day 14-15: Half Up Bun with Curly Hair Down

Day 16-18: Hat (Curly and braid)

Day 19: Low Side Braid

Day 20: High Ponytail

Day 21: Low Ponytail with Bandana Tied Around It

*Optional For Any of The Days After Your First Week: Add A Hat

Straight Hair: Day 1-3

Curly Hair With Hat: Anytime After The First Week

Curly Hair: Day 4-7

Low Side Braid: Day10-11

Curly and Down with Side Braid: Day 8

Straight with a Hat: Anytime During The First Few Days

Half up in a Bun and Curly: Day 14-15

Hopefully these tips are helpful to get you on the path! Please note this took awhile to get to this point and it isn’t always the case depending on the weather or my activity.  If I work out super hard during the week I normally only go 2 weeks. If the weather is crazy or humid, then I also can’t go as long.  Sometimes although I can go this long, I don’t. This could be because of certain events or I have a day that I can spend the time to actually do my hair. Also the products I use to wash and style my hair have been lifesaving.  You can view those products here.

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