October was a busy month (as you can probably tell with my 3 total blog posts….whoops), but that just means lots of fun stuff went on! 

The month was full of work, work and work, but we made it through! I love that I can stay home and run my music studio business.  I’ve been so grateful for it and have so much fun with it.  Plus the little pooch and I get to drive to my mom’s everyday and hang out, and he loves that!

We had Ellis family photos the beginning of the month and they turned out great! I’m so grateful that I married into such a great family.  Kyle’s siblings feel like my very own siblings and I”m so lucky that we are all so close! Special thanks to Ericka Haslam who took our photos.

My favorite part of the whole month though was our trip to DISNEYLAND!!! What up! Yay! It was an absolute blast.  I still can’t believe I won a trip to Disneyland, it feels unreal.  We all got matching fanny packs and Disney socks for the trip, which was fun.  The first two days it was so empty in the parks, which was amazing and staying at the Disney Grand Californian was so incredible! I want to stay there every time now.

We did a double date with Kate and Brett this month too.  It was fun to meet up with them outside of a blogger event and just hang out.  I know I probably sound like a broken record during this blog post, but I really feel so so lucky for everything and Kate is no exception.  I love that we’ve become such great friends and that she is always there for me!

Halloween was also a highlight! It was so much fun to dress up as Monsters Inc characters this year.  You can see more photos of our halloween costumes here.

The night of Halloween we had so many trick or treaters we ran out of candy.  We bought 2 big Costco size bags with 150 pieces of candy each and we ran out! Whoopsie! I figured we would be totally fine. Then we rented “When A Stranger Calls” and watched it with my brother.  

Cornbelly’s with the gang had it’s 5th annual party this year! It’s been so fun to go with our friends every year.  I can’t believe this was my 5th year going with Kyle.  It’s crazy to look back and think about that first time we went together before we even started dating.  This year we had a lot of people not able to go because of school….I’m looking at you Leland and Justin! ha It was still fun though!

That sums up October! Lots of work, Utah football, Disneyland, fall activities, and chilling with our little Lou! 

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