Growing up I did not like dressing up for halloween, which looking back on was so sad.  I think it was mainly because halloween night was always so cold and there I was in my costume with my giant winter coat underneath, looking nothing like I had hoped.  So when I got into college and had friends that wanted to do halloween costumes together for parties, I had a lot more fun.  It got even better once I got married and could tag team a costume idea with my hubby.  The tricky part was trying to come up with an idea that we could do together, all while having our dog match.

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I hate spending a lot of money on costumes though and I’m not a sewer by any means, so today I am sharing with you how I successfully created cheap, DIY couples halloween costumes for me and my pet that were easy to make and cute to wear!

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1. Monsters Inc: Mike Wazowski, Sully, and Boo

We are big Disney fanatics so this year I wanted us all to dress up as something to do with Disney.  That’s when I decided to go with Monsters Inc.  I was Mike, Kyle was Sully, and our little dog Lou was Boo.

Mike Wazowski: To make my costume I bought a yard of lime green felt, cut out a head hole and then sewed the edges leaving 2 arm holes.  Then I bought smaller pieces of felt and made an eye and mouth and hot glued them onto the big green body. I purchased a pack of felt because it was cheaper than buying individual pieces of each color. You can purchase a pack here. If you go into a craft store you can buy individual pieces for cheaper.  I wore a Monsters University Hat and some black pants (although I wish I had bought these lime green leggings that are under $10) and called it good! Easy, easy!

Sully: To make Kyle’s Sully costume I bought a blue t shirt and some purple felt.  I cut out different size circles and hot glued them onto the front of the shirt.  Kyle doesn’t like dressing up, so I try to give him easy ones that don’t require a lot of crazy outfit pieces.

Boo: I’m pretty sure Lou’s costume is my favorite part of this trio.  We ordered a purple dog vest (or another vest option here) and then I used some fringe fabric, crafting wire, and some craft balls to complete the look.  I hot glued the fringe on and then hot glued the crafting wire in between the two layers of fringe to hold it steady.

2. Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Pluto

If you couldn’t tell from above how much we love Disney, you probably are starting to get the idea now.  Our first year being married with Lou we dressed up as Mickey and Minnie and had Lou be Pluto.  Lou was still a puppy at the time so I wasn’t sure how well he’d do with a costume, hence the easy blue collar and call it good idea.

Minnie Mouse: For my Minnie Mouse costume I wore a long black sleeve shirt and black skinny jeans.  I bought a red tutu skirt and hot glued white construction paper dots all around it. You can find the red tutu skirt for women here for only $10.  I already had these yellow bow shoes that I found at a Groopdealz warehouse sale for $5.  I topped off the outfit with my Minnie Mouse ears I had purchased in Disneyland, but I’ve found some on Amazon here for only $6.

Mickey Mouse: For Kyle’s costume I tried to make it easy again, so he just wore a black Mickey Mouse shirt and red shorts.  We bought him a pair of Mickey ears from a local Halloween shop and called it good. You can purchase the ears here for $6. We also both bought a pair of Mouse Hands, which you can get here.

Pluto: Since Lou is already a dog, his costume was easy! We just put him in a blue collar and called it good.

3. Basketball Player, Cheerleader, and Ref

I found this “rufferee” costume for Lou at Target last year (similar linked here) and when I saw it the pun was just too funny to me, so I had to buy it.  That was the year we based our costume off of what I had already bought for Lou.  Good thing we love the Utah Utes so much.

Cheerleader: I used my Minnie Mouse tutu from the year before, along with a Utah Utes shirt I had and red keds.  I bought these red pom poms for cheap and called it good! (The ones I had are no longer available, but these are even better and cheaper! Purchase here.)

Basketball Player: Luckily my husband already had a pair of Utah basketball shorts, a basketball jersey, and a basketball.  It was so easy and can be done with any team!

Rufferee: You can find Lou’s costume for purchase here.

4. Cookie Monster and her Cookie

Before we had Lou, we were Cookie Monster and her Cookie for Halloween.  It was a blast and my kindergarten kids loved it.

Cookie Monster: I wore a blue shirt and used construction paper to make the face and I just taped it on so I could use the shirt again.  Then I made a tulle skirt out of different colored blues and whites by tying tiny stripes of tulle onto an elastic band. You can purchase a tulle skirt here or blue tulle here. I just tied the tulle around an elastic to make my own skirt.

Cookie: Kyle wore a brown shirt and then we taped a giant cookie cut out onto the front of his shirt.  So easy and so cheap! If we were to do this with Lou, I would’ve had him dress up as a cookie as well.  A brown sweater or vest and then put mini paper cookies all over it!

5. Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter, and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

This was one of my favorite ideas for a costume for the dogs because I thought they just made the cutest Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and I had recently died my hair blonde, so it ended up working out really well.

Alice In Wonderland: I ended up just buying this costume off Amazon, because I was running out of time to DIY this one. You can buy the one I bought here.

The Mad Hatter: I went to the local thrift store and found a tea kettle, a long green trench coat, and then we ordered the Mad Hatter Hat here.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: For the dogs’ costume, I bought these red hats from Amazon here. Then I took some wire and hot glued the wire to yellow construction paper flags. Then I bought some blue fabric and tied bows around their collars. It ended up being really simple and easy!

5. The Incredibles Family

For this year, we decided to keep the Disney love alive and dress up as one of Kyle’s favorite movies: The Incredibles. These costumes are super easy and can all be bought online at Amazon, if you are in a quick bind. Instead of going the route of actually purchasing a full on Incredibles suit, we like to make things more simple around here, especially since Kyle doesn’t care to dress up. So a simple jeans and t shirt with a mask made this look achievable, easy, and comfortable to wear (perfect for families who need a costume, but don’t want to dress up all crazy).

Shirts + Masks: I bought Kyle’s shirt here and my shirt here, and masks here.

Tutu and Leggings: These black leather leggings were the perfect addition to my Mrs. Incredible outfit, and the tutu was a fun touch to make it even more girly (which I’m all about). Purchase the leggings here (use code EVERYDAYELLIS15 for 15% off) and the tutu here.

Dog’s Costume: Our cute pups do not like to wear costumes, so we have to be smart about how we dress them up. That is why we purchase them each a vest which can be bought here, and then we used these stick on Incredibles logo I bought at Target and stuck it to their vest. Unfortunately it is an in store item only, but check to see what stores near you offer it. You could also purchase this set on Amazon too. Purchase vest here.

6. Winnie The Pooh Characters

Right after our son was born, we dressed up as Winnie The Pooh Characters. I was Winnie The Pooh, our baby was my Pot of Honey, Kyle was Tigger, Lou was Eeyore, and Lexi was Piglet. For the dogs we just used grey and pink vests because that works best for our dogs. I made Boston’s costume using a blue smurf costume found at Target and flipping it inside out and using fabric to add honey.

Winnie The Pooh Shirt || Yellow Leggings || Grey Vest || Pink Vest || Tigger Shirt || Tigger Tail

7. Frozen Characters

This year was our first year full out buying our costumes, so it probably shouldn’t be on this DIY costume list, but it’s been so fun to share our other yearly costumes, that I had to update this. I’ll link where we purchased them below.

Anna Costume || Kristoff Costume || Olaf Costume || Anna Wig

8. Goofy Movie Characters

This was one of my favorite costumes to date. We’ve wanted to do Goofy Movie Characters for a long time, but it never felt right and I am so glad we waited until this year. We went to the Disneyland Oogie Boogie Bash with Kyle’s brother and his girlfriend, which gave us the perfect numbers to do the whole Max friend group. Max, Roxanne, and PJ were really easy to just find everyday clothing items to piece it all together. I made Boston’s Powerline costume using a yellow pajama set and black and orange felt hot glued onto the pajamas. I then used orange paint to paint the Powerline symbol on the shirt. It was super easy and took me less than an hour.

MAX: Hoodie || Black Undershirt || Black Hat || Gloves

ROXANNE: Shorts || Turquoise Shirt || Wig || Belt || Shoes


PJ: Shirt || Shorts || Red Hat || Red Shoes

BONUS: Last year we went to Disneyland during Halloween and we dressed up as Ariel and prince Erik.  This was really easy because I bought a cute shirt from Shop Friday Apparel’s Disney Hipster Princess line that says “I left the sea, it was too current” and then Kyle just wore a red jacket. I loved this green bow that topped it off too.

Since we’ve only been married for 8 years, that’s all we have so far, but don’t forget to pin this post so you can come back each year for more ideas! Leave me a comment below with what you are being for halloween or if you have a halloween pet and couples costume idea but don’t know how to make it for cheap, let me know and I’ll recreate it!

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