The one thing I remember the most from March is that was when we got our sweet little Lexi girl. (Technically we got her February 26th, but I didn’t write about it last month.)  It wasn’t something that we planned on doing, but we kept thinking it’d be fun to get Lou a little play buddy and we found her and it just worked out really well.  We got her from a family on KSL who was moving and needed to sell her.  She was 4 months old and they said she was a boy! ha Of course. If you haven’t read the about our last experience with getting a dog, you should read our funny story with Lou here. Anyway so we started thinking of boy names, until a few days later we realized it was definitely a girl.  Man we have the worst luck.  So then it turned into an easy decision on what to name her….Lexi. (I’m telling you, read that other blog post and it’ll all make sense.)

We brought her home and it was crazy. She was the cutest little ball of fluff, but Lou was NOT happy and it seriously broke my heart.  My mom and sister came over to help me with them while I taught piano, and thank goodness because it was getting hard. Things definitely got better over the next few weeks, but I’m not going to lie it’s been hard. Not the type of hard you think of when you get a puppy, but in the sense of I felt like I was regretting getting her because I felt so bad for Lou. I hated that my attention was split between them and that poor Lou was always so sad. He would hide under the bed for hours on end, wouldn’t come out to say hi, and basically acted depressed and it broke me.  I started blaming Lexi for it and then it made me start to dislike her. I know that’s horrible to say, but I was struggling. Lou is my baby and I love everything about him. He is seriously the perfect dog for me. He is chill, easy going, wants to just cuddle with mommy all day long, and just follows me around. Lexi is the exact opposite. She is so crazy (in a fun way), she has no cares in the world, she is not dramatic at all (which Lou has major sass and a whoa is me attitude), and she needs lots of attention. She is definitely a puppy, but her personality is exactly the opposite of Lou. Kyle said it best when he said “Lou is everything you want and need, but Lexi is everything we all wish we could be.” 

Things got better and they are still getting better each day. The dogs like to play outside now and chase each other. Lexi is the annoying little sister to Lou, but I think once she grows up a little bit more, things will be even better.  I love watching them play and I do like how they interact and love each other. It’s been fun to see them always check on each other. Like when we went to the vet the other day, Lexi was so concerned when they took Lou in the back for shots and when he came back they were both so excited to see each other. Then the next minute Lou is growling at her and I wonder if they really do like each other! haha

March Madness was the best part of March honestly! We watched lots of basketball and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I finally was able to do my March Madness Fashion Edition challenge and if you didn’t see the details on that you can check it out here. It was so fun and I’m so happy for all of you who made it worth all the effort to create! Thank you!

I’m still playing soccer weekly and this month I scored a hat trick in one of my goals! We ended the season by winning the entire league and I also was on the final leader scorer list. Also we went bowling and I got my second turkey! It was a good month for sports!

Looking back through the month, that is about all that happened! We were excited about March Madness basketball, Kyle worked a lot, I worked just as much on my businesses, and we hung out as much as we could on the weekends. I sure love him. I miss him so much during the weekdays, but I feel so lucky that he does such a good job of putting me first. He makes sure to stay up late and spend time with me talking and hanging out, even though he is exhausted from being at work. He gets up early or stays up late and will randomly do my daily chore so I don’t have to do it the next day. He makes sure to plan fun weekends full of doing all of my favorite things! He seriously is the best and I don’t know how I got so lucky! 

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