I’ve never been a big pet person and quite honestly I never thought I would get a dog or any animal for that matter.  Kyle loves dogs! He had a dog growing up and always wanted one and has been working on getting me to want one for awhile now. 
It started out a few months ago when Kyle started joking about us going to the Humane Society to play with dogs.  I laughed about it and just brushed it aside, assuming he was joking because he knew that was not something that would be fun for me.  He kept casually bringing it up and we would both laugh and never go.  Finally I started thinking that since I would never get a dog I might as well let Kyle go play with dogs at the Humane Society.  That was when I cracked!  We went to the Humane society over spring break and looked around.  We didn’t see any animals we were interested in and we left.  We went back a few days later and that was when I met Lacy and Alex, two Maltese Shih Tzu mixes.  They were small, absolutely adorable, and I fell in love.  We took them for a walk and played with them for awhile, but because you had to adopt both of them and we knew we only wanted one, we decided not to.  That was when Kyle saw his opportunity.  He began researching about these dogs and realized they were the perfect dog for me.  I wanted a dog that didn’t bark much, didn’t shed, wouldn’t jump all over me, was small, and loved to cuddle.  Kyle began looking on KSL, other animal shelters, and even got his brother Trevor in on the search.  
After a few weeks I finally gave up on the idea that my perfect dog was out there.  I felt bad too because Kyle really wanted a dog.  Then last Tuesday Kyle found a post on KSL about these Maltese Shih Tzu puppies.  We decided to go take a look and see if one would be a good fit for us.  As soon as I walked through the door I fell in love with this puppy.  We decided to take the puppy home with us.  YAY!! 
Now here is the funny part…..
When we first went to take the dog we said, “We will take the boy.  That is him right?”  The owners picked up the other dog and said, “Nope! That one is the girl.”  We looked at each other and figured that was fine and off we went.  I loved our cute little girl puppy.  We named her Lexi Lou and she was so much fun to have around.  We bought her a pink collar and leash and I even posted about how cute my little girl dog was on my social media.  
Then……Kyle went to the vet.      
So it turns out that our sweet little girl Lexi Lou is actually a sweet little BOY Lexi Lou! BIG WHOOPS!! I felt really stupid, but it was an honest mistake.  Multiple people had met her or well him and no one else had known.  I felt awful and couldn’t believe that I had told everyone my dog was a girl and in all reality he was a boy.  We bought him pink items and named him a girl name and now…..I didn’t know what to do.  Kyle was an awesome sport about it and laughed about how funny it was that for a week our dog was a girl.  We had lots of suggestions to name him Alex or Lex Luther, but in the end we decided to just stick with Lou.  
It has been a crazy ride, but we love our dog just the same.  He loves to play, cuddle, and sleep under our bed.  He isn’t so sure about walks yet, but we can’t wait until he is so we can go on walks this summer.  
This is the picture I posted on social media letting everyone know about our cute new Lexi Lou…..now just Lou!
This was right after we brought him home for the first time, he was really confused about where he was.  Poor little thing!
This is me holding him the first night we got him.  He loves to cuddle and fall asleep in your arms.
He is so tiny! Right now he is just over 1 pound at 7 weeks old.
He loves sleeping, although it is rare to find him sleeping in his bed because he would much rather sleep under our bed.
He loves getting his belly scratched and being tickled.  He pulls the cutest face when we tickle him.
He is the cutest little fur ball ever!
We tried to take him for a walk…..Kyle ended up having to carry him for most of the way because everything was too scary for him.  Kyle is trying to pretend to be upset about it but we all know the dog has Kyle wrapped around his little paws.
First family walk….or first family carry-Lou-while-Kyle-and-Karli-walk walk!


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