This month was probably my favorite month of the entire summer. We went on two trips, celebrated out anniversary (kind of), I got a week off to catch up on everything I got behind on during the summer, and just spent as much time as I could with Kyle (which we all know is always my favorite thing in the world).

August 1st is our anniversary and this year we celebrated 4 years! It was a bummer because Kyle was in Seattle for work on our anniversary, but it was okay! Honestly I’m not one that loves birthdays or anniversaries or all of that, I just like to be with Kyle and call it good. We don’t do gifts either because we use all our birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day and Christmas money on annual passes to Disneyland, so our trip we went on in August was our big anniversary celebration.

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But first…NYC! I absolutely love New York. I’ve been three times and each time I still just get so excited. The big city feel, the rush of people, the feeling of going non stop with the big buildings clear up to the sky, I just can’t describe how it really makes me feel. Unfortunately the plane had to land in Michigan because the weather was crazy in New York and we couldn’t get in on time. We ended up not landing until about 10 pm (7 hours later than planned) and we missed our Mets Baseball game. Luckily we were able to go the next day to make up for it. I loved being able to show my family around New York too! Thomas, Kyle and I went home on Wednesday while my sister and parents went to visit Stephani’s mission in upstate. When we got to the airport we were told our flight had been delayed because of weather and we would miss our connecting flight…..and so they completely took us off the connecting flight until the next morning at 6:30 am. So basically we were going to sleep in the airport. Long story short our connecting flight got majorly delayed and we somehow made it with 30 minutes to spare and were able to get a ticket on the flight and we made it home at 3:00 am! Crazy flights on this trip, but makes for a good story.

I’ll be making a NYC travel guide soon, so I won’t go into all the details on this post, but I’ll throw in some of my favorite photos. 

After New York, we went to Disneyland with my brother and sister. It was so much fun to go with them, just the four of us. There was something special about it and reminded me of when we were little. One of my favorite parts of the trip was when we tried to win a prize at the Pixar Pier games.  We decided to hold off and wait until it could just be the 4 of us and one other person, that way we would win a medium prize and the odds of us winning had to be pretty good! People kept coming and joining our game though and before we knew it, every spot was full and we were competing against 8 people. KYLE WON! You guys I was shocked, but also should I have been? haha I was so excited! Now we have a giant Bullseye (the horse from Toy Story) in our bedroom. So legit!

Honestly I didn’t take many photos of the everyday this month, which makes me sad. I try to include photos of random things we did, but this month I didn’t. I got my nails done with Emma, went to Ruth’s Christ Steak House with Kyle’s work, helped paint the office at Kyle’s parents’ home, watched Bachelor in Paradise with our friends from the ward, and spent a lot of my time planning fall piano schedule (which is so stressful to me). It was a great month though, but so far I’d have to say that September is beating it. 😉

Last, I wanted to add a little blurb at the end with a new series I’m adding on my Instagram that goes along with my blog series “u + me”. At the end of every month I’ll write a few things about each one of us in the family about how our month was. Here was this months: 

u: playing soccer twice a week, creating new business ideas, waking up early to take the pups on walks so I can sleep in // me: planning fall piano and trying not to lose my mind while fitting everyone in, messing around with photography and editing for fun, trying to get lexi and lou to be friends and play together //  lou: mommy’s cuddle buddy, protective of the bones (his and lexi’s), sun bathing // lexi: happiest puppy I know, thinks lou is the greatest thing ever, always stealing socks (just like she did right before this photo. I took my socks off right before the photo and as I set the timer I go grab her and she has my sock).

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