“out of all the ‘how we met’s’ i’ve had to tell ours will always be my favorite.”
-Tyler Kent White

Once upon a time…..(because of course I have to start my perfect love story with the greatest words to ever start a story) there was a boy and a girl who in no lack of cliche terms were #meanttobe (an inside joke that would stick around for a long time).

Kyle grew up in Bountiful, Utah where he loved to play soccer and occasionally throw toys out his window when he got in trouble, which is actually a hilarious story just ask my sister! He graduated from bountiful high school in 2009 and then continued his education at the University of Utah. In 2010 he went on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Alpine Mission which consisted of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. (If you want to hear more about the church and why Kyle went on a mission click here)

I grew up in Murray, Utah where I learned to play the piano, dance around my house constantly singing, and loved to win anything I could including radio contests, card games, and at one point even winning on The Price is Right.

I graduated from good old Murray High School in 2010 and then continued to the University of Utah where I began studying Human Development and Family Studies with an Emphasis in Early Childhood Education, basically I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher.

In 2012 Kyle got home from his mission and continued studying Accounting from the U. The following year in spring 2013, I was going to be graduating. A few weeks before graduation is when we first met (or remember meeting) but even this has a little back story.

The summer after my freshman year at the U was full of hanging out with a group of friends who have become my best friends. Most of them went to Murray High but graduated in 2008. I was in student government with two of them, Jon and Richard and after one night when Jon invited me to hang out I knew this was no ordinary group of friends.

We hung out all the time and because it was summer it made it easier to have long nights, spontaneous adventures, and crazy road trips. One of these road trips was to San Diego California for our friends’ wedding. (This was the same trip I got on The Price is Right, played Plinko, and spun the wheel.) Scott was Jon and Richard’s best friend from high school so I knew him pretty well, but it wasn’t until this recent summer before their wedding that I met his fiancé Taylor.

Taylor graduated from Bountiful High School the same year as I did and she became one of my very best friends. She became good friends with some boys in the grade above her and yup you guessed it, Kyle was one of them.

Now skip ahead two years to 2013 right before I was suppose to graduate. I was walking in the institute building on campus with Taylor when two guys started waving at Taylor. I didn’t think anything of it at the time and at times wish I could remember more of this “first official meeting” but I find it funny as well that after being introduced to these two boys I honestly couldn’t remember their names or majors, but always remembered that moment and where I was standing.

About this time Scott and Taylor formed a coed soccer team and asked me to join. I had just recently started to play with some of our other friends and was really starting to love the sport, something I had only use to love watching and never to play. I was really eager to join and even played a game, until I hurt my knee and had to take the rest of the season off. Little did I know Taylor invited Kyle To play on our team. We both can’t remember if we played a game together, although I’m sure we did, but I find it interesting that timing really IS everything. I was just starting to date someone else at this time and knew that it really wasn’t the right moment for Kyle and I to really “meet”. I do remember one summer night going to watch the game and seeing all of Taylor’s guy friends from high school and I actually remember seeing Kyle there.

Even though we didn’t get to play on that summer team for very long together, we play together now on a coed team.  I love this picture because this was one of the games we played with my brother and sister.

Anyway back to the story….

This was about the time that Taylor started saying how I needed to hang out with her friends from high school because they were awesome guys. So when I broke up with my boyfriend, Taylor was ready to help me back into the dating game.

One night at a birthday party Taylor and I were talking about boys and who I needed to date. Then the lightbulb came. She started telling me about these twin boys she was friends with. She explained how awesome they were and how well we would get along. She told me that she had the perfect match for me and his name…….Mike.

Now I started to become interested in this idea. Who was this boy? Would we really be good together? Taylor knew me really well and knew my type, so it had to work out, but how?! 
Mike was the other boy that first day I met Kyle at the institute a few months back. They were best friends and although I never saw Kyle at the institute again, I would randomly begin to see Mike here and there.

Now if you are still here and actually comprehending all of this, you might be wondering why I was still at the U even though I graduated. My last year before student teaching, I was told they were cutting the student teaching program and the students currently student teaching were the last to graduated with a teaching license. This left me with a degree that really gave me nothing other than being a glorified preschool teacher, which you can do without a degree. I wanted my teaching license so I set out to find a program that would give me my teaching license. The U said I could transfer departments and get a second Bachelors degree with my license, but I didn’t want two bachelors degree. That was when I found the Westminster College MAT program. I was able to get my teaching license and Masters degree at the same time. It was even better because my friend Jessica ended up joining the program with me. We’ve been friends since 4th grade and here we are getting our Masters together. While getting my Masters I still wanted to take institute from the U, especially because my best friend Meghan and I took our institute classes together and she was at the U.

I also am a BIG Utah Utes fan and when I no longer went to the U, it meant I could no longer be part of the MUSS (the student section). This made me super bummed out so I ended up getting a guest pass for the football season and this could’ve possibly been the greatest decision of my life because a few games into the season, in the middle of the student section I met my future husband.

(Yes, unfortunately Kyle is not in this picture because he thought taking pictures at football games was weird when you could be watching the game instead! ha Silly Kyle, if only he had known how much I love football!)

Part 2 of the story here.

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