august 2017.

Looking back on this month, I felt like not a whole lot of exciting things happened, but at the same time when I look at each moment individually and then put them together, the everyday moments of our lives are really what make the biggest impact.  

August 1 marked our 3rd year wedding anniversary! Every year we chose an anniversary dinner based off our anniversary trip that we take.  This year since we went to Europe, we knew we needed to find a European restaurant, and we found the best one at Franck’s restaurant. It was a cute little Swiss/European restaurant that was absolutely AMAZING.  Just writing this makes me want to go back and eat there again.  I’m legit craving the meatloaf.  And now don’t stop there and think, ew gross meatloaf? No….it was amazing!!! I still can’t believe we’ve been married for 3 years! It feels like I’ve known Kyle for so much longer, but at the same time marriage for us has flown by.  I love him so much and I feel lucky everyday that I get to hang out with him for forever.  I have a whole post about our anniversary, including our anniversary photos which you can see here.

We love hanging out with our friends as much as possible.  We love going to Escape Rooms and this time we went to a new place that we’d never been to.  Honestly it was the worst escape room I’ve ever been to, but now we know, don’t go back to that one! haha We made it out barely before the clock reached zero, but because we used an extra hint, we ended up not officially beating the game.  Bummer.

Lou is still my most favorite ever and I tell him everyday how stinking cute he is! Literally….everyday! ha He is deathly scared of flies and often runs upstairs anytime he sees a fly in the main level of our house.  We are trying to get him to not be scared, but of course, if Lou is scared, he is extremely scared.  

I met up with some friends for a monthly pow wow blogging session.  It was really needed.  They helped me to get out of my funk and remember to just do what I love and not try to focus on what I think everyone wants to see and hear.  It’s always nice to have good friends who have your back and help to uplift you.

My 2 new nieces were born this month! Emma had twin girls and I love them so much! They are the tiniest little things and it makes snuggling them even better.  It’s been fun to visit them and help feed them and just watch them.  Is it creepy I love just staring at babies? They are just so cute and peaceful. I’m already ready for more snuggles so I need to plan some time asap!

We threw a going away party for our friend Leland before he went away to medical school.  We went up the canyon and roasted hot dogs, marshmallows and just hung out.  It’s been weird with him gone.  Our group is slowly dwindling and we’ve lost a lot of people to moving away.  Stupid growing up!

I finally came up with a name for my music studio! It is Notes Music Studio.  Simple and broad, which is exactly what I wanted.  My sister in law Emma came up with the logo, and it ended up being perfect.  It’s been fun to start posting on social media for my music studio business and spend my time focusing on that.  The first day or two it was weird to not be going back to teaching at the elementary school, but honestly after that I’ve been in pure heaven.  I am soooooo happy! My house is always clean, the chores get done, I’m able to blog more, I’m not on edge and stressed out when Kyle gets home, and I am seriously just absolutely full of pure happiness all the time.  Life is good and I’m so happy to know I made the right choice.

I had 2 blogger events this month too.  I went to a breakfast hosted by Melea Nelson and all the details on that will be coming to the blog soon.  DownEast also threw an event which was one of my favorite blogger events I’ve ever attended.  They had a carnival theme where they had little mini games going on to let you earn tickets for some giveaways they had.  There was corn dogs, hair braiding, and delicious desserts.  It was a blast.  

The big eclipse of 2017 happened during August too! I watched it with my brother in law Morgan since we both work at home by ourselves.  It was really cool to see, much cooler than I thought, but still jealous of all the people who got to see the total eclipse in Idaho.

I designed my own set of t shirts and they were released this month! It was cool to be able to see them in person and allow people to purchase them.  You can purchase here if you’d like. I’d love any support!

Taylor Swift released her newest song from her album! Is it sad that this makes it on my list of everyday happenings from August? I just love Taylor Swift so much and have been waiting for 3 years for a new album! While everyone is over there hating her new song, I’m jamming out to it constantly on repeat.  Plus I think TSwift is a freaking genius, but I’ll just leave this paragraph here.

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