3 years.

1,096 days. 26,303 hours. 1,578,180 minutes.

11 vacations.

3 degrees. 5 jobs.

1 dog. 13 Utah football games watched.  156 mac n cheese meals eaten.

Millions of Kisses.

Countless Memories.

Lots of Love.


I seriously can’t believe that we have been married for 3 years! It really still feels like yesterday we were just married, living in our apartment and going to school.  For this years anniversary trip, we went to Europe! It was such an incredible trip! I can’t wait to go back.  So for our anniversary date night every year we go to a fancy restaurant that fits the theme of where we went on vacation that summer.  For example, last year we went to New York and then went to dinner at the New Yorker.  Clever right? ha So this year we decided to go to a French inspired restaurant to fit in with our Europe theme.  We found this cute restaurant called Franck’s.  It was incredible! I got the meatloaf and it was by far one of the best dishes I’ve ever had in my life.  Not even joking.  They put a blueberry sauce on top and place it over the best mashed potatoes I’ve had.  Mmmmm……just thinking about it makes me want to eat it again.  

Of course our other tradition is to do a photoshoot each year.  I love doing this so I can see how we’ve grown.  It’s been really fun to look back over the past 3 years and see how we’ve grown.  Honestly we both still look like little babies I think, but we’ve definitely changed and grown up.  This year I wanted to do the photoshoot as a fancy schmancy photo session.  We went to the Utah State Capitol building and then on top of the Harmon’s building downtown while wearing fancy outfits for the shoot.  It was really fun and different from the other shoots we had done.  Plus how gorgeous is this dress?! I felt like a princess being able to wear it around all night.  

I felt really lucky that I got to work with some amazing people to make the shoot come to life too.  These people are the best for making me feel gorgeous!

Photographer: Charissa Lee Photography

Hair: Glamour Gel Salon

Makeup: Peacock Artistry 

Dress: Janay Marie



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