I was sent this outfit by Simple Addiction to sponsor their Anniversary Sale.  All opinions of this outfit are my own.

I have two things to discuss with you today, so PLEASE don’t stop reading until you at least hear what I have to say about the second item of business (because I have some future plans I want to tell you about).  I’ll also be needing your help with the second item, so if you read until the end, I’d love your help!

First things first….a SALE!!! (Probably one of my most favorite words, because uh duh, a sale means I will probably buy new clothes!) Simple Addiction is having their big anniversary sale starting July 15 and going until July 24.  I have styled an outfit that is all from Simple Addiction to share with you some of their amazing deals happening during this sale!

This “Hello Gorgeous” shirt is one of their new graphic tees that I knew I wanted because of the positive message and I love the word “hello”. This t shirt is great to be worn all year long too, which is something I always look for in an item of clothing before I buy.  I can wear it in the summer with some jeans or a skirt, fall can include a cute duster or cardigan, and the winter could include a cute leather jacket.  Finding a good t shirt that can be used year round is a key component in anyone’s closet. Plus it’s only $12.99!!! 

This cute black and white striped skirt is also one of my wonderful finds from Simple Addiction.  I love these skirts because of how easy they are to move around in, the cute little slit on the sides, and the versatile nature of the skirts.  I have a similar skirt in gray that I wear over dresses to mix and match my wardrobe.  You can see an example here.  So when I found a black and white one, I knew I needed to add it to my wardrobe.  It has a drawstring around the waist to help get the exact sizing around your waist.  I am wearing an xsmall for reference.

Simple Addiction also has a variety of comfortable leggings (which are seriously buttery soft), some cute new baseball style dresses (which I wear to work often), and more! So hurry over and get to shopping because everything is on sale and marked down really low!

Also how cute is my hair here? The amazing and talented Lexi Locks Hair helped me achieve this adorable braided headband style.  I always love having others style my hair for me and I’ve worked with her before, so I knew that she could do whatever I needed.  I love how relaxed and chill she is, but she knows her stuff.  We had so much fun hanging out while she curled my hair and made sure it was perfect for my shoot.  Be on the lookout for another stylized bridal shoot where she did my hair that I can’t wait to show you all the gorgeousness that she made!

You can shop my outfit here:

Shirt  ||  Skirt  ||  Shoes  ||  Hair  ||  Photographer 

Okay and now for the second part of what I want to talk about! The “hello gorgeous” shirt got me thinking a lot about what we are telling ourselves and what we are telling others around us.  Which of course got me thinking all sorts of ramblings. I was blown away by how much you guys loved my last ramble (which you can read about here) so I decided to ramble on below, just bear with me.

“Hello Gorgeous!” I want you to say that out loud with me right now, “HELLO GORGEOUS”. (Okay you don’t have to if you are in public or at work or who knows where you are reading this….but if you are chilling by yourself or even with a spouse or friend…say it out loud with me!)  

Now answer me this…..why don’t we say that to ourselves more often? I tell myself or Kyle quite often “I like the way my makeup looks today!” or “My hair is on point!” (Just ask Kyle, I literally say these things out loud all the time haha) Honestly though sometimes I then begin to feel weird and start feeling like I am being too prideful. Anyone else? As soon as a positive thought comes, you start to think that you shouldn’t think that about yourself.  I wish it wasn’t this way though. I wish it were normal to tell ourselves that we are beautiful or gorgeous, strong or determined, and sexy or confident. 

We live in a world in which we are surrounded by posts from other people who we say are pretty, beautiful, confident, successful, and guess what?! They are! But don’t, for even one second, think that doesn’t mean you aren’t too! Just because someone else is beautiful, doesn’t mean you aren’t.  Just because someone’s business is thriving, doesn’t mean yours can’t either.  And just because you believe in yourself, doesn’t mean you are prideful or snobby or that you don’t believe in the girl next door living her dream as well.  We can and should love ourselves and tell ourselves that we are gorgeous. You should have things that come to your mind when I say “What do you love about yourself?” 

So that is why I am going to start a weekly positive statement message on my Instagram Stories.  I will be sharing a short statement for you to say with me at the beginning of the week (just like “hello gorgeous”) to help us think more positively about ourselves.  Kyle and I have been talking about affirmation statements lately and how when you say these statements out loud they can change how you live your life.  I love positivity, being happy, and living life with a happy attitude and I want others to as well.  The “everyday life” can and should be the happiest days of our lives.  Saying positive statements and thinking positively can change your whole outlook on life. I love what President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Cultivate an attitude of happiness.  Cultivate an attitude of optimism.” And girls….that is exactly what we are going to do together!

So thank you for following along with my lifestyle and fashion posts and I can’t wait to start thinking more positively together!  I appreciate each and every one of you! If you’d like to help me with my new “positive statement” Instagram stories you can leave me a comment here or send me a direct message on Instagram! I’ll be needing some help from all of you and can’t wait for all of us to start thinking positively together!


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