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I thought it was time to give you an update on my life and share something that I have had on my mind recently.  As most of you have probably seen by now on my Instagram, I have decided to quit teaching kindergarten.  This decision was so hard and yet so easy to make at the same time.  I have absolutely loved my time as a kindergarten teacher and honestly I felt like it was my ‘calling’ in life.  When I think about what I’m good at, I’ve always known I was a good teacher.  I am patient, loving, enthusiastic about life, and have enough energy to hang out with five year olds all day.  So when I started thinking that maybe this wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life anymore, it was hard.  

I would tell Kyle everyday that I was a teacher…..that was what I was and quitting that would cause me to lose who I am.  Then I would worry about the money, we didn’t need my kindergarten teacher salary and I could easily make it up by teaching more piano students, but it still worried me.  Kyle told me that I needed to take the money out of it, that the way I felt and what I wanted to accomplish in life was much more important than a little extra money.  

I would come home from work exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  Teaching is hard, absolutely amazing and rewarding, but hard.  One of the hardest parts for me though was that I didn’t feel I could be my best self anymore.  I was getting torn between being a kindergarten teacher, a piano teacher, a voice teacher, and a blogger.  Then on top of that a wife, a new homeowner, and a friend.  I loved being all of these roles and I didn’t mind being busy because I felt lucky to have such amazing roles to fulfill everyday, but then it hit me.  I wasn’t able to put into action all the ideas I had for all my different roles or at least not to the best of my ability.  That was when I realized it’s okay to end something to move forward to be your best self.  I wasn’t quitting being a kindergarten teacher, I was going to grow to be a better piano teacher.  I wasn’t quitting on my profession and years of schooling, I was taking that schooling and using it in a different light.  I wasn’t quitting on who I was or what I had thought I was suppose to be when I grew up, I was progressing, changing, and working toward being someone better that I could become.  I wasn’t limiting myself, but making myself grow.  I wasn’t losing my identity, I was learning that I am more than my job title….and so are you.  

You are more than what you do for your job.  You are more than your job title.  You are more than what people tell you that you are and you are more than you think you are.  You are more than the number of followers you have and are more than the number of likes you get on a photo.  You are more than your hair color, the clothes you wear, the makeup you put on your face, and the shoes on your feet. You are more than what house you have or what your house looks like.  You are more than what food you cook your husband for dinner or what surprise gift you give him for his birthday.  You are more than how much money your self-owned business is making or the reviews you get.  You are more than where you shop and what brands you buy from.  You are more than the shape and size of your body.  

You are more.

You are the way you treat other people.  You are the way you cheer others on and build others up.  You are the things that make you happy and the smile on your face.  You are the beliefs you have and the goals you strive toward.  You are the confidence you deserve to have about your self.  You are your hopes and dreams.  You are the person you know you want to be and can be.  You are capable of so much more and don’t let anyone hinder you from your fullest potential.

You are more.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, a blogger, a stay at home mom, a business owner, an employee, or even unemployed.  You are more than that ‘title’ that you think you relate to.  Yes those titles can be a wonderful thing.  I love my title of teacher, wife, sister, friend, and blogger, but those roles don’t define me and how I live my life, and they don’t define you either.  

So when I finally decided to end my time as a kindergarten teacher, it was hard.  I was sad and felt like I had lost who I was, but then I realized I hadn’t.  

I am more.  

You are more.  

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