Sweaters are one of those articles of clothing that you can style all year long! Fall and Winter has your thicker knit sweaters, whereas spring and summer nights bring out the lightweight, bright colored sweaters. With sweaters being all the rage this season, I thought it’d be the perfect time to show you 10 ways to style a sweater.


1.Over A Dress: This is one of my favorite hacks for sweaters. Find a cute dress and wear the sweater on top of the dress. Depending on the dress and the sweater, I recommend tying the sweater in a fun side knot or using a hair elastic to twist the sweater in front and then flipping the twist underneath the sweater (hiding the elastic). See the photos below for an example.

2. With a Skirt: Tuck in your sweater and wear some high boots during the winter, or half tuck a lightweight spring sweater and wear some cute clogs for a fun warm weather look.

3. With A Dress: If you have an overall dress, I recommend throwing on a sweater underneath (especially one with fun bell sleeves) to keep you warm and stylish.

4. Loose and Baggy: Some sweaters are bigger and baggier, and that is a style right now. Get an oversized sweater, some comfy leggings, and you are set.

5. Layered with Plaid Button Up: For a classier look, great for work, I recommend a sweater layered with a plaid button up shirt. This keeps you warm, switches up your sweater outfit, and brings a classy feel to your outfit.

6. Vest On Top: One of the best ways to switch up your sweater is to think what you can layer with. Having layering items on hand can help you switch up a variety of items in your closet. Throw a vest on top of your sweater and it instantly changes your outfit.

7. Try Different Colored Pants: I’ve been talking to so many of you and realizing that different colored pants scare you! I’ve learned that switching out blue jeans, for black, white, or a fun color can instantly change your outfit and your wardrobe.

8. With Overalls: Overalls are my JAM! So of course throwing a sweater on with my overalls is a go to for me during the winter. You can even throw on a vest over the overalls and sweater to for a really switched up outfit.

9. Front Tuck: This has been my favorite way to wear sweaters this year. It takes them from being average, to being stylish. Front tuck your sweater, throw on a belt and you’ve immediately added to your outfit.

10. With A Scarf or Accessories: Don’t forget that accessories are a great way to switch up your outfit. Add a hat, some fun shoes, a scarf, or jewelry to mix things up and take a sweater from drab to fab.

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Where The Sweater Hits: Be careful about where the sweater hits your body. A sweater that ends right above your hips can add thickness there that isn’t wanted. I’d suggest wearing slightly longer sweaters that fall midhip.

Rectangle Shaped Body Type: Try belting your sweater or front tucking to help showcase your waist and give you more curves. You can also wear longer, more form fitting sweaters and chunky sweaters. Also have fun with bold fabrics and patterns. Fun skirts can add flare to the bottom half and give you more curves.

Pear Shaped Body Type: Larger necklines are the most flattering for you. Wide V necks, sweetheart, or boat necks help your shoulders to appear broader and balances your body. Also longer sweaters that are loose fitting and hit mid thighs are flattering for your body type. Adding a vest will help bring attention up. Try horizontal stripes too.

Hourglass Shaped Body Type: Remember that it is all about your waist! You have a great shape ratio and sticking with form fitting sweaters look great on you to showcase your figure. You can also try a peplum sweater.

Heart Shaped Body Type: Since sweaters can be really bulky and seem to enhance every curve, I recommend more open cardigans or non clingy sweaters.

Petite Body Types: If you have a hard time finding a sweater that fits (which I’ve been there), and the store doesn’t offer petite, I recommend trying regular size and seeing if they have a cropped fit. Lightweight fabrics and smaller prints will also help to not drown you out. Be careful about not having too bulky of sweaters or they will overwhelm your shape and make you seem even smaller than you are. Just remember proportion is key when deciding what to wear when you are petite.

Mix and Match Size: Sometimes women use sweaters to hide their bodies. Don’t wear oversized sweaters with oversized bottoms. Remember to mix and match. If you have an oversized sweater, keep it simple with skinny jeans or pencil skirt.

Turtlenecks: These work well for almost everyone. They help to elongate the torso and can help shorter women appear taller. I recommend a lightweight sweater for turtlenecks so they aren’t too bulky.

Hopefully these tips helped! Don’t forget to tag #styledlikekarli when you try one of these tips or where a sweater on Instagram so I can see and showcase your outfit!

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