I’ve always had a hard time transitioning my wardrobe from Winter to Spring until the last 2 – 3 years when I started becoming intentional about the pieces I had in my closet and how I wore them during this awkward weather time. So today I want to give you some of my best tips and tricks, along with some items you should have in your closet to make the transition seamless, easy, and affordable. Basically I’m giving you my 10 tips to make your winter to spring outfit transitioning easy and affordable! Ready? Here we go!

I’m going to break down these tips and tricks into 4 sections. Each section will have an essential item you need and then tips for how to style it for those warmer days and then again for those cooler days or evenings. Then keep scrolling because I’ll be showing you exactly how I used those items to take an item from winter to spring, plus including links to everything in the post!

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My biggest tip with transitioning is to have a few jackets that are versatile. I love a good denim jacket for this exact reason. Having a denim jacket is my favorite way to style an item and make it easier to adjust to the weather. This year I decided to add a white denim jacket to my closet because I love how the white adds a more spring vibe to my outfit.

TIP #1: Color choice! Don’t be afraid of brighter color choices such as bright pink or white. Changing up your color choices helps you fit right in with springtime and gives you a more spring vibe, even if you are layering jackets.

Trench coats are also a great addition to your spring closet. They are a great lightweight jacket that can go with jeans, skirts, dresses and jumpsuits. They are great to wear to work as well because of how versatile they are.

Another essential for me is a good, lightweight hoodie. I wear hoodies year round, but for those spring days I love being able to have one that is a little more lightweight. I love this one that I found because it is v neck, so you can see the layered t shirt underneath which creates fun layering opportunities.

TIP #2: Match the color of your hoodie to a few of your favorite t shirts so that you can tie it around your waist if its too warm and it still matches your outfit underneath.


I am such a big fan of jumpsuits, so I have to put these on my essentials list. I think everyone should own at least one. They are so comfortable and you can style them so many ways.

TIP #3: Let’s talk about 3 ways to style your jumpsuit. Switch up your jumpsuit by putting a denim jacket over it, wearing it as is, or (my personal favorite) turning the jumpsuit into a pair of pants by wearing a t shirt over the top of it.


Plain T Shirts: I cannot stress how important having a few plain colored t shirts will be to have in your closet. I would recommend a white one and a black one for basics and then at least one or one colored one that matches the majority of your wardrobe and also a patterned tee.

TIP #4: Layer! Layer those t shirts, girl. Wear them over a jumpsuit, underneath a lightweight sweater, underneath a blazer, or even by itself.

TIP #5: Basics! Use your t shirt as a basis or starting point for your outfit and build the outfit around your t shirt. This provides for a variety of outfits and gives you a good foundation for changing up your outfits.

TIP #6: Pattern Mix! Don’t be afraid of pattern mixing, especially in the spring. I love mixing stripes and florals.

TIP #7: Don’t be afraid of put t shirts over items, they don’t just need to be layered underneath. Many times I see people wear a t shirt and then build on top of the t shirt. Although this is great, don’t be afraid to put your t shirt on over a jumpsuit or a dress. This changes up the entire look and is super cute.


Purse: Make sure you have a bright colored purse for those spring days where your outfit is more casual, but you want your outfit to “pop” and scream “spring”. I got this mustard colored one because it matches the majority of my items in my closet.

Jewelry: This is a great way to take your outfit from a score of 5 to a 10! It adds to your existing outfit and makes you look complete. Sunglasses, a necklace, and some bracelets can really go a long way.

TIP #8: Create your outfit and then try to add one necklace, one wrist item, and one additional accessory. This could be a purse, sunglasses, a scarf, or hat. Added items really creates a whole new look. Watch me transform this outfit by adding one accessory at a time.

Shoes: I always consider my shoes as part of my accessories because they are the best way to take your outfit to the next level or the next style.

TIP #9: Use heels for a more dressed up look. Open toed booties are a great way to go from winter to spring.

TIP #10: Have at least one pair of basic, comfortable shoes that are a neutral color and can go with any item. I love this pair of white basics with polka dots because I can pair it with anything in my closet.


Let’s show you how I took 3 outfits from Now (colder days or cooler spring nights) to Later (warmer spring days).

NOW: Wear a jacket over your jumpsuit.

LATER: Tie a knot in your t shirt on top of your jumpsuit.

NOW: Wear a sweater on top of a cute pattern t shirt or tank top.

LATER: Switch out the sweater for a blazer with the same pants and tank top and you have a perfect outfit for work.

NOW: Wear a hoodie with some jeans and a t shirt.

LATER: Take the hoodie off and replace it with a cute button up around your waist.


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