When Kyle and I heard that the Utes were going to be playing in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl game, we knew we had to go! We were so lucky that Kyle is a student and was able to get us 2 tickets in the student section.  I also was able to buy two more tickets using Mike’s account (which originally was for Mike to come with us), but since he was unable to go he gave us the two tickets so that my dad and Thomas could go! It was pretty sweet our seats were on the same row, only 8 seats apart.

My mom and sister love Las Vegas and so we all drove down together, which was a lot of fun.  We stayed at the Treasure Island hotel, which I had never stayed at before, but it was really nice! We drove down after I got off work (what a great way to start Christmas Break) and got there around 8:30.  After we checked in we went walking down the strip and did a little shopping.  We were all pretty tired so we went back to the hotel around 10:30 and just watched TV and went to sleep.

The next morning was another game that Kyle and I had been looking forward to for a long time…the Utah basketball game against Duke! Kyle and I had wanted to go to New York for the game, but decided we probably shouldn’t go, and it worked out so we could go to the bowl game. After we lost to Duke last year during March Madness, this game was definitely one we wanted to win.  We woke up that Saturday morning and watched the game in our hotel room.  At halftime we had to leave to head to the bowl game and we ended up following the game for the second half.  We waited in the parking lot during the last minute or so of the game and when we saw we won it was fun to hear so many shouts of excitement throughout the parking lot from other Utah fans!

We were at the game 50 minutes early, but it was a fun atmosphere.  The Utah sections were given flags and pom poms, poor BYU got NOTHING! haha It was a blast! The game started and we ended up scoring 5 touchdowns in the first quarter.  Being there was one of the most exciting moments of my life! Kyle and I kept saying this was almost as good as our wedding day……and seriously we weren’t joking! The whole section was freaking out!


My grandma texted us and said we were on TV.  My favorite picture was the moment they caught on camera where I had just jumped into Kyle’s arms after one of the touchdowns! I was so happy!


The game got intense the second half when BYU began to score and our offense struggled.  I was getting anxious, but we pulled away with it and I was SOOOOO happy! I was so glad we went to the game.  It was one of the best games I have ever been to.





Poor BYU fans…..oh wait….nope….GO UTES!




Later that evening we went to dinner at the SLS (the hotel Kyle and I stayed at last Fall Break) and then we went to Carlos Bakery (the guy from Cake Boss) and got some dessert.  It was yummy! The next morning we woke up, went to church, and headed back home.  I was so glad we were able to go and it was fun to be there with my dad and brother as well.  Seriously I am so grateful everyday that I married a big Utah fan.  We have so much fun with it and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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