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“Falling in love is like the rain. You can’t predict it, but you can always see signs of it before it completely falls.”

Monday – Our Unofficial First Date
Tuesday – My last date with someone other than Kyle
Wednesday: Carving Pumpkins…..

My best friend Meghan and I loved putting on fun activities that had to do with the upcoming holidays.  For fall break 2013 we decided to have a pumpkin carving contest.  I really wanted Mike to come, so of course I called Kyle! He told me that he would get Mike there and that I’d see them that night.  When I got to Meghan’s we started on the pumpkin carving contest with the group of us that was already there  We had just started carving the pumpkins when Kyle, Mike, and some girl I didn’t know showed up.  They brought one pumpkin to share between the 3 of them and had decided to make a minion.  As we were all carving our pumpkins, Kyle and I began to flirt with each other.  We kept teasing each other about the pumpkins we were carving.  After the contest, we played a group game of Werewolf.  Kyle and I ended up sharing a seat for the game and it definitely didn’t hinder the flirting!

As I was driving home from the party that was the moment I realized I really did like Kyle.  There was no wondering about it anymore, I had started to fall for this kid.  I loved the way we could easily joke around and how silly he liked to be, just like me.  I liked how he liked to go out to do fun things and was always up for an adventure.  I loved the way we could easily talk and I never tried to act like someone else for fear of how I would sound around him.  I was 100% myself around him and that was one of the first things I fell in love with.

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