I absolutely love music! It is such a big stress reliever for me.  Whether I’m singing, listening to a playlist, or it’s silent, a song is always playing in my head.  I use to spend hours looking for new songs to listen to.  I loved finding new bands or songs that no one else had heard of.  When I started working I lost a lot of the time I use to spend searching for new music, but I’ve wanted to get back into that and what better way than with the ultimate playlist of happy songs! 

The other day I was feeling like I was in a funk, so I turned to all of you on Instagram and you helped share your favorite happy songs with me! I compiled all the songs, put in some of my favorites and BOOM! We’ve got ourselves a playlist.  I’ll be continually adding to this playlist, so don’t forget to pin one of the pictures in this blog post so you can keep it for future reference!

Have a song you’d like me to add? Comment below and let’s get it added!!

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