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October 12, 2014
“big things often have small beginnings.” 

October 12, 2014 the unranked Utah Utes were playing the #5 Stanford Cardinals and of course I was there. With my guest pass I was suppose to be sitting on row 54, but since my friends all sat in lower bowl I would sneak down and sit with them. Meghan, Emily, Camille and I had made a big sign for the game and I was extremely pumped. I love football! It probably started because I grew up with a dad who loved it and I would watch it with him all growing up. This game was extra exciting though because we were playing the #5 team in the nation and you could tell the crowd was ready to win.

A few games ago I had seen Mike one section over from where I was sitting. My friends and I decided it’d be more fun to go sit with them, so from that game on we sat with a group of Mike’s friends.

The game had begun and it was a blast. During the game I talked with a few different people from the group, but there were two boys that never said much to us girls, and Kyle was one of them. He later told me he never talked to us because he was too into the game and didn’t think we were actually paying attention. Little did he know I not only paid attention but I was a die hard fan who understood what was going on. I remember at one point he turned around and joked with Meghan and I about how short we are. We are both 5’3” and Kyle is 6’1”.


The end of the game was crazy. We had beat Stanford and the crowd went crazy. Everyone began storming the field, including my group. My parents joked after the game that they were betting on whether or not I would jump, because the previous year when I jumped down onto the field I ended up landing on my heel weird and sprained it! Sorry mom and dad, I was definitely going to jump again…who cares about my heel!  The field was full of crazy fans and people singing the fight song. When I turned around I realized I had lost my group. I saw another girl from my group and Kyle a few steps away from me so I caught up with them and we started talking and getting excited about the win.

After the majority of people had cleared the field, we found the other boys in our group.  Kyle is to my left in the picture.  

Meghan and I had planned to go to a corn maze after the game and I was hoping we could get a big group. Since I had lost Meghan, Emily, and Camille, I walked back to my car with Kyle and talked to him about the corn maze. He said it sounded fun and that he would try and get the other guys to go. He told me they were all getting dinner first though and that I should come along. He then asked for my number and told me he would keep me posted on the corn maze.

What I didn’t know was that Taylor had talked to Kyle about how he should help set me up with Mike. She told him how awesome I was and that Kyle needed to help push Mike in the right direction with dating me. This was exactly what Kyle had planned to do.

I went to dinner with them at Rumbi in hopes I could convince them to come to the corn maze.  All I could get out of them was a maybe and so finally Meghan came to pick me up and we were going to head to the corn maze.  With everyone storming the field after the game, we ended up being later than we had originally planned and ended up canceling the corn maze for the evening and rescheduling it for the following week.

I texted Kyle to let him know that the corn maze was off, but we were going to hang out at my house if they wanted to come.  He told me he would call me back and keep me posted.  A few minutes later when I got back to my car, Kyle called me back.  He began to tell me that everyone was just going to go home for the night.  I was a little frustrated at this point because I had been really excited for the corn maze and it failed, and then the mini hang out failed, and I was a little bummed out.  Kyle could tell and he asked me if I was okay.  I remember being shocked.  Most people wouldn’t have been able to tell I was upset or even cared whether I was! I told him I was just bummed out.  I remember him telling me that it would all work out and be okay.  I remember how odd I found it, that it all felt so normal to be talking to Kyle and how much he calmed me down.

That was the first time I remember thinking there was something different about this boy.  I didn’t know what it was, but I liked it and I was excited to hang out with him more….oh and I guess Mike too.

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