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october 18, 2013

“a guy and a girl can be friends. but sooner or later one will fall for the other. maybe too early…..maybe too late….but maybe…..just maybe forever.”

The news was still hard for me, even a day later.  I spent most of the previous evening at my family cabin with my friends bummed out and focused on how Kyle had a girlfriend.  I was glad I had my friends around me though, because I wanted to text him so badly.  I kept hoping that he would text me, but he didn’t.  It really started to sink in.  He didn’t like me and I couldn’t like him.  I was so mad at myself for being so bummed out over some guy I had just met a week ago.  How lame was I being? 

Today was a new day though and I had plans to go to Cornbelly’s with my friends.  I had originally planned to invite Kyle, but I was staying strong with my goal to not text him.  Everything was set when my phone buzzed with a text…..Kyle.  I decided to invite him to Cornbelly’s that evening.  He responded that he had work until 7 and then needed to grab dinner and wouldn’t be able to make it to Cornbelly’s until 8:30 or 9.  I was bummed and definitely didn’t think I’d be seeing him that weekend, but figured it was for the best since I didn’t want gain anymore feelings for him. 

So my friends and I headed out to Cornbelly’s.  I drove with 4 of my best guy friends from high school.  They started asking me about boys and how dating was going, so I starting telling them about Kyle and everything that had happened that week.  They were just as confused as I was.  Then my phone buzzed again…..Kyle.

He said that he was grabbing some dinner at home and then would head out to meet up with us.  Here is the thing.  He lives about 50 minutes away from Cornbelly’s.  We were already going to have been there for a hour by the time he would’ve even shown up.  He was going to have to drive out and back by himself.  Why in the world was he coming? I was once again, confused.

Once Kyle showed up I felt like we were in our own world.  We were together the whole time (granted he didn’t know anyone else) and we were having an absolute blast.  He was just so easy to talk to and so fun, always up for trying anything, and I loved that.  Yeah I liked him, but I started realizing that it was going to be okay.  He had a girlfriend and we were just meant to be best friends.  No harm done.  

The next day was Saturday, which meant another Utah Football game.  I decided to invite him, Mike, and Mike’s twin brother, Andrew, over to my house to watch the game.  We were having a great time, watching the game, eating snacks, and hanging out.  Then….Kyle’s phone rang.  Awkward.  He answered and I immediately could tell it was his girlfriend.  The crazy part was that he didn’t seem like he wanted to be talking to her.  I could tell he thought the situation was awkward.  I felt awkward.  The whole thing was….well….awkward.  I couldn’t make out exactly what they were talking about, but it sounded like she was home from Hawaii and wanted to see him.  He explained that he was watching the game and could come visit her tomorrow.  Ew. Gag me.

We finished the game and Mike and Kyle decided to go home, but Andrew and I decided to go to a party in Provo.  It was really good for me to get out. Go to a party and have fun.  Forgetting about Kyle….and I honestly did.  That was the decision.  I was done.  I wasn’t going to try to date him, but we were going to be good friends.  He could help me try to date Mike and we would leave it at that.  Or so I thought…..

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