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A few years ago I was constantly getting eyelash extensions and I even had my eyebrows microbladed, but then life got busy and I fell out of the habit. So when Bonny Lash and Brow reached out and said they wanted me to try out a variety of services, I was thrilled. It had been so long since I regularly had my eyelashes or eyebrows done, and it was time. What I wasn’t ready for though, was how much I fell in love with the services I had never tried before. So today I’m going to share my experience trying out different beauty services at Bonny Lash and Brow and my thoughts on each one.

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TREATMENT 1: EYEBROWS (Lamination and Henna)


The first time I went I decided to try the newest “laminating eyebrows” trend. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, but decided I would never know until I tried. For those of you who may not know, laminating your eyebrows is where they use a setting lotion to help your eyebrows stay in shape and lifted upward for about six weeks. Before the laminating, she started by doing a henna eyebrow treatment. This allowed me to not have to use a brow pencil to darken my eyebrows for about 6 weeks. Then she did the lamination and although they turned out great, I learned the style wasn’t for me. I did go back on my third visit and had her do another henna eyebrow treatment though because I’m hooked. It is much cheaper (only $45) and lasts about 2 months. I think having your eyebrows done makes such a big difference, and not needed to “do” my eyebrows everyday was really nice. If you like the newest laminating eyebrows trend, I’d definitely give it a try, but my favorite eyebrow treatment I tried was the henna.

The picture above is with my eyebrows laminated (you can see how they are formed to lift upward). The bottom is the henna process. Before, After, and During.


Can I start by saying how I didn’t realize how incredible facials are until I became a mom?! Taking that one hour out of my day to go to the spa and have the most relaxing experience was incredible. She offers a variety of different facials depending on your needs and even offers options depending on your time and price range. I did the European facial and it was seriously such a relaxing experience, I didn’t even know I needed. The mask felt wonderful on my skin, and the products she used helped my face feel rejuvenated and smooth. I loved the first facial so much I ended up booking another one mid summer because it was so incredible. If I had to choose one service that was my all time favorite, it would be the facial. It might sound silly, but that relaxation and clean, smooth skin is absolutely worth the money. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift too.


I was a little worried about getting eyelash extensions because I’ve heard some friends who say they’ve had bad experiences lately. Their eyelashes started falling out and weren’t as strong, but I trusted Bonny Lash and Brow and decided to give it a try because I use to love having eyelash extensions. The full set is nice because it looks natural, but still gives incredible volume and length. My favorite part is just that I don’t have to spend time putting on mascara every morning or taking it off every evening (my least favorite part of my night time routine). They turned out great, and I had them done right before we left to Walt Disney World which was even better (it is so nice to have your eyelashes done for an upcoming trip or event).  My only downside with eyelash extensions is the upkeep, which is why I stopped getting them done a few years ago when I was religious about going every few weeks. The first appointment is 2 hours, which to me is a lot of time to be away. The nice part about refills is they don’t take as long and they aren’t as expensive, but you do have to go every two weeks. If you have the time and the money to keep up on them, I would recommend getting them done. Right now, I’ve learned it isn’t something that I want to keep up on, but maybe in the future. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t turn out amazing and that I didn’t love them, because I LOVED THEM! They didn’t hurt my eyelashes or cause any major eyelash loss either. I did notice my eyelashes weren’t AS strong as they had been, but after using an eyelash serum for a month, they were right back to normal, no problem.

Picture above is from our Walt Disney World trip. You can see how incredible my eyelashes look and it was so great having them done on the trip. 


It was cool to try out so many different beauty services again, now that my life is in a different place. Things that use to be so important to me (eyelash extensions), I learned weren’t as crucial in my life anymore. Where now, things like a facial and time where I could spend one hour just relaxing, was exactly what my life needed. Also, having your eyebrows done for only $45 (less than $40 if you use my discount) for two months is something everyone needs to try!

I highly recommend going to Bonny Lash and Brow, located in Bountiful, Utah. Don’t forget to mention my name and get 20% off your services!


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