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Fashion trends can be intimidating to me sometimes, even as a fashion blogger.  I have always loved fashion and piecing new items together, but sometimes following all of the different trends can be tricky.  Over the last few years I’ve learned a few tricks when it comes to styling fashion trends that I am unsure of. So before you read on, I want you to think of one fashion trend you’ve seen others wear that you love on them, but never think you could pull it off.  Keep that trend in mind as you read on! Got your trend? Okay here we go!  

1.Keep It Simple – Fashion trends can seem overwhelming because they don’t seem simple.  You can choose to make them simple though, especially if it is your first time trying a specific trend.  When I saw everyone start to wear chokers again, I immediately thought about how I could never pull off a choker. Turns out, I just needed to find the right now for me.  I found a more simple, classy, grey choker from Wight Gold that really helped me try the trend, while not feeling as if I am sticking out in a crowd.

2.Pair Multiple Fashion Trends Together – When you know you can pull off a certain trend and are ready to try another, pair those items together.  Sometimes having an item of clothing on that you feel amazing in, helps to ease the awkwardness of trying a new trend.  That is what I did with these lace up flats and ripped jeans.  I love ripped jeans, they are my favorite jeans to wear.  I was a little hesitant about wearing lace up flats, so pairing them with my favorite jeans helped me feel confident and stylish.

3.Find The Right Item with the Right Fit For You – I never thought that leather jackets would be something I would wear.  I had bought one a few years ago, but I only wore it a few times because I didn’t end up loving how it fit.  I ended up thinking I couldn’t pull off the leather trend, but then last month I saw this leather jacket from Mindy Mae’s Market and everything changed.  I decided to buy it and I am so glad I did.  I ended up loving the leather trend, I just hadn’t found the right leather jacket to fit my needs, style, and fit.  The way an item fits you will be one of the biggest indicators of you liking it and wearing it again.  So before you bail on an idea of a fashion trend, make sure you find the right fit.

4.Be Bold and Have Confidence – Sometimes fashion trends seem to be for everyone else, except for you.  They can intimidate you and make you feel like you can’t pull them off.  Trust me, we’ve all been there.  Multiple times when I try a new trend I have to ask Kyle or my friends if it really looks okay, because I don’t feel I can pull it off.  Spoiler alert….if you give it a try and have confidence, everyone will think it looks great.  I believe that 100% of how an outfit looks, is if YOU think you look good.  I know that is easier said than done, but I want you to give it a try. I felt so nervous about wearing this necktie because I didn’t think I could pull it off.  As soon as I decided to be bold and give it a try, I felt more confident and it made the trend even more fun.

5.Look At How Other People Wear The Trend – There are so many ways to wear fashion trends that no one way is necessarily the only way.  Many times when I see one person styling a fashion trend, I don’t think I can pull it off because we don’t have a similar style.  Then after researching (hello Pinterest) the trend on many different type of people, I am able to see the trend in a whole new way.  I felt more confident that I just had to find the right way to wear the trend for myself. 

Okay so remember that trend you thought of earlier? I want you to go out and give it a try. Some of the trends I had mentioned in this post include moto jacket, neckties, chokers, and lace up flats.  You can find the links to all of these items below.  I’d love to hear what trend you are going to try in the comments below!

Please Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission from your purchase. This does not increase your paying price in anyway, but helps me to afford the time and money that comes with blogging.  Remember I only post products that I love 100% and would never post anything I didn’t truly use and love.  Thanks for all your love and support with my blogging journey!

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