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Who else is beyond (and I mean beyond) happy that it is finally summer? As a teacher I’ve been looking forward to this for months…..literally! I love the sunny days, the warm nights, the fun activities, the casual clothes, and the chance to wear the cutest swimsuits ever.  I have a weird love for swimming suits and I have so many of them (and not even ashamed about it)! Really I wonder where they all come from, but I can’t help it! I love them! The crazy thing is I’m not even much of a swimmer, but I love putting on a cute swimsuit and rocking it on the beach during the summer, so I keep buying more.  

Today I want to share with you some of the tips I’ve learned when it comes to buying new swimsuits for the summer! 

(But Before The Tips) You Can Shop My Suit: Striped Horizon Bardot Top + Black Bottoms from Janela Bay

1 – It Lets You Move Around Easily – Hanging out on the beach or at the pool requires being able to move around, even if it is just walking to the beach.  So I suggest looking for a swimsuit that will be easy for you to move around in.  I love two piece swimsuits for this because I feel like they are easier to move in and don’t need to be stretched out as much as some of the one piece suits I’ve found.

2 – Covers Everything You Want Covered – I personally love my swimsuits to be high waisted and for the tops to come down to the at least the top of my bottoms, but this is definitely a personal choice.  What I love about this suit is that the bottoms are high waisted and the top is not super long, but it still hits the bottoms enough to cover my stomach.  If you don’t like two pieces, one piece suits are also a great option for covering your stomach or chest or whatever else you’d like covered.  Janela Bay also has a great one piece suit that looks almost exactly like the top of my two piece if that is the style you want.  I also like my suits to come up higher in the chest, so the cut of the neckline is really important to me when buying a suit.

3 – Mix and Match Pieces – One of my favorite things about two piece swimsuits is that you can mix and match.  This is even more amazing when you shop at Janela Bay.  All of their suits can be mixed and matched, so if you buy one bottom you can buy 2 or 3 tops and they all match.  Imagine the money that saves you when you don’t have to buy new bottoms or tops every time.  Sometimes when I go to purchase a top I think about the bottoms I already own from any other company and see if those will work before I buy new bottoms, this saves money and gives you a unique look that is different from other women who have purchased that same top.

4. – Classy vs Fun Suit – I love having fun, bright, summer colors for my swimming suit, but everyone needs at least one classy suit, which I love a good black and white one.  Not only does the black and white suit give off a more classy feel, but the black bottoms can be worn with a variety of other tops.  I definitely recommend having one “fun” suit and one “classy” suit.  I love wearing my classy suit when I’m going hot tubbing or laying out on the beach.  Then I change into my fun suit when I’m going swimming at a pool, playing beach volleyball or spending my time at a water park.

5 – Unique – I thinking finding unique pieces are important when shopping for a swimsuit.  I loved this top from Janela Bay because of the bardot style.  I love how the sleeves come off the shoulders making it different than any other swimsuit I own.  Find something unique in the style of a shoot from other suits you have before you buy another one.

Those are the five things I always think about when buying a new suit.  Do you have any tips you would add? I’d love to hear them below! Also you should let me know how many suits you have in the comment section! Make me not feel like a crazy person please? 🙂 

Also, huge shoutout to my favorite blogger gals who braved the cold and windy day at the lake for this wonderful shoot! I sure love these girls! If you aren’t following them already, you definitely should go check them out! Tell them I said hello while you are there! 😉

(L-R) Abby – The Classy Giraffe  ||  Kate – Love Simply Kate  ||  Keara – Modest Style  ||  Me (Karli) – Everyday Ellis
Photographer: Evelyn Cervantes 

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