I love that Kyle and I met in October because there are so many activities that happen during the fall season.  When we first met we went to Cornbelly’s, carved pumpkins, and went to halloween parties together.  It was so much fun and it made me love fall even more than I already did, especially with him by my side. I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween, but I LOVE fall! So each Fall we have made a tradition to do these same things!

I love doing couples costumes (last year we did cookie monster and a cookie) and since we have Lou this year, I wanted to do a costume that involved him as well.  Honestly I knew that Lou wouldn’t do well with a costume, so I decided to just have a costume where he wouldn’t actually need one.  Then it hit me! DISNEY! Since we are obsessed with Disney, I thought it would be perfect to do Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto.



I wanted to at least try to get Lou to wear a costume, so one day at Target we found this cute dinosaur costume for $3 and decided, why not? Just like we thought, he wasn’t a big fan, but it was so fun! He didn’t like putting it on, but I was surprised that once it was on, he didn’t hate it as much as I thought. He just walked around and it kept falling off, because he is just too small.  He is so cute though, it didn’t even matter.


Isn’t he the cutest thing in the whole world? 




I love when he sticks his tongue out like this.



This year we carved pumpkins with our friends Matt and Dela Brown.  We met them in our ward and they recently bought a house.  It was fun to hang out with them and see their cute new house!  Kyle and I both suck at carving pumpkins, so we decided to share one together.  We made a frankenstein and I thought it turned out pretty good!  We ran out of time to go looking for supplies, so we just had to make a quick stop at Smith’s and get whatever they had in terms of pumpkin carving tools.  The cheapest thing they had included a mini strobe light, it was pretty funny to put it in our pumpkin and see it flashing its many colors.

Man I love this boy so much! Also for details on my cute fall outfit you should check out my previous blog post here.


Are you as impressed as we were with our impressive iphone camera on a timer against the stove selfie? Also, I love that they have a dog! Lou and Max are so fun to see play together.





Three years ago we went to Cornbelly’s with some of my friends and I LOVED it! That was right in the middle of when Kyle and I were almost going to date, so it is a fun memory to have.  Last year we went with a smaller group of friends, and had even more fun.  This year we decided to get the same group from the year before and go again.

We had tried to go over Fall Break, but ended up running out of time, so we just went to a haunted house.  It was fun, but a pretty lame haunted house. We are trying to go to different haunted houses, and Castle of Chaos was the only one none of us had gone to, obviously we now know why! haha  Since it didn’t take us very long to get through the house, we decided to rent Insidious 3.  It was so much fun and my new favorite scary movie.  It was a blast to watch with this group of friends because we all have the same humor and personalities.  Everyone’s comments were so funny, and yet we would all freak out at the same time.


We couldn’t stop laughing at this picture.  Leland’s shirt just took over!

The day before Halloween we were finally able to go to Cornbelly’s.  When we got there we went straight to the haunted houses.  They have one that is actually pretty scary and is our favorite one.  It’s cool because half of it is inside and the other half is outside, which is really cool.  Then we went through a few others and then decided to head over to the corn maze.  It was a minion design this year, which made it even better.  I have a thing for animated movies, so of course one of my favorites is Despicable Me.




With the pass we bought, it gave us hot chocolate, kettle corn, and a bunch of other activities.  One of those was the apple blaster, which became the hit of the evening.  It was such a blast! haha See what I did there?! Anyway, they gave you a bucket of apples and then you got to shoot them out of these blasters.  You then got to try and hit different targets.  Sydney got a blaster that shot stronger than any of the others.  It was hilarious to watch.







It was such a wonderful night. I feel so lucky to have the best friends and I love that Kyle and I still hang out with them.  Being married and hanging out with my friends still, has been such an absolute joy!  Until next year Cornbelly’s!


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