The last few years the blogging world has been about full force. I never thought I would get into blogging and yet, here I am.

A little over a year ago two of my best friends and I decided to start a crafting blog (Something Splendid). I love crafting and the blog was a blast. This last August, two weeks after I got married, I got hired as a kindergarten teacher, which is my dream job! Since I already taught piano and had no intention of giving that up, I knew I needed to take a break from the life of constant crafting and daily blog posts.

Emily, Meghan, and I (Something Splendid Blog Girls)
I didn’t think I would miss the blog world at all and part of me didn’t. Since our goal was to post everyday I will admit it was nice to not have to worry about making sure I posted another craft after a long day of work. Yet there was something inside me that missed writing about what I had been doing.

As the months past and I was in a whirlwind of new experiences I wanted more and more each day to remember all these amazing experiences. I wanted to have a place where I could look back at all the fun memories I have shared with my husband and a place to remember all the exciting adventures we have awaiting us.

So this blog is a little different than my last one. I’m not posting everyday and I’m not hoping to get many followers. This blog is for me. A place where I can share my life so that one day I can look back and be reminded of all the little excitements that can be so easily forgotten. Even though I’m blogging for myself and the memories I want to remember I am so glad you are here! If you want to, feel free to follow Kyle and I on this journey and get ready for a wild ride because this blog is everything us….Everything Ellis. 

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