Since quarantine Kyle and I have been even more into trying new games and activities that are perfect for when you only have 2 people. We’ve done game nights with our friends over Zoom using Jackbox Games, but it’s been fun to have some new card and board games to try out when it’s just the two of us. I don’t know about you, but I have not wanted to watch much tv during this time, so today I’m sharing the best 2 player games with you!

I asked my Instagram followers for their recommendations on their favorite 2 player games, so some of these I haven’t played myself, but I’m definitely going to be ordering! I’m going to share with you my 10 favorites in detail and then a giant list at the bottom of this post.

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My Top Ten 2 Player Games

1.Blink: This is one of my favorite games to play with Kyle because it is so quick and easy. It reminds me a lot of “speed”, but has a few more aspects to it. This card game is really easy when you don’t have a lot of time or aren’t sure you want to commit for a full 20-30 minute game. We’ve played a few rounds in less than 10 minutes.

2. Rummikub: This is the newest game we’ve been playing and I’ve really loved it. It’s easy to understand and set up, and works really well with just 2 of us. Each game normally lasts us about 15-20 minutes.

3. Rush Hour: This was the first game we started playing during quarantine. It’s a one player game, but we switched off completing the different levels. This one was our go to when we were watching tv. It helped give us something to do while we watched tv and really makes you think, which I love. It was nice to have to think deeper and more creatively with this game.

4. Villanous: We found this game while wandering Target about a year ago and after playing it once we were hooked. If you are a Disney fan, I highly recommend this game. We’ve also purchased all the expansion packs too. This is a great 2 player game and switches up each time since you can change up what character you are each time. If you like games such as Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, you’ll like this game too.

5. Battleship: This is Kyle’s favorite game! It’s the perfect two player game and extremely easy to understand. We can play this one with a show on in the background if we want as well. We bought the Pirates of the Caribbean version from Disneyland, but found it online as well. It makes it more fun, especially if you are a Disney fan. I’ve also linked a cheaper version here too.

6. Slamwich: We played this game every Sunday after church when we were first dating. We even kept a tally on Kyle’s phone of how many wins we each had. This only added to the intensity and the drive to win, especially for me because I’m extremely competitive. It’s super similar to Egyptian Ratscrew, which you can play with playing cards.

7. Life: This game actually works really well with only 2 players. It goes pretty quick too. We love the Disney version (obviously ha), but the original works well too.

8. Jenga: I hadn’t played Jenga since I was a kid until Kyle and I recently purchased this Disney version to add to our Disney collection. I forgot how competitive I can get with this game! It’s a great 2 player game to add to your collection.

9. Set: This game reminds me a lot of Blink (the game I mentioned earlier) and we’ve been playing this one a lot too. It’s a card game that you have to find matches from the cards on the table before the other player. This one is also more of a thinking and “brain active” game. It’s been fun to have a mix of relaxed games and thinking games during this time, so I highly recommend Set.

10. Backgammon: We received this game set for our wedding, but had only ever played checkers and chess using it. Since we were looking for new games, we decided to try Backgammon. It was actually really fun once we figured out the strategy. This set is perfect if you are looking for a few 2 player games all in one.

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