This post is sponsored by The Tulip Turquoise. All opinions are my own. 

Who else is excited to start wearing spring clothes? Next to fall, spring is my favorite season in terms of fashion! This year is no exception. I’ve already found so many cute items to add to my closet, my wallet is going to be empty really quickly! Haha Luckily though you girls know that I only shop good quality clothes on a discount, so my wallet won’t be too mad at me! 😉

One of the items I’ve found this year is this pretty top from The Turquoise Tulip. The color is a pretty mint, but my favorite part are the details on the sleeves! The lace design on the sleeve is beautiful and I love how it matches the chest part of the shirt as well. Then to top it off, it has the cutest tie at the top where I’ve made a cute bow! There are so many aspects of this shirt that make it unique and pretty, perfect for the spring time. 

When I wore it to a photoshoot, my cute photographer Charissa, told me she had the same shirt! Isn’t that crazy? That’s when you know you’ve picked a good one! So if you want to be twinning with me and Charissa, head over to The Turquoise Tulip and order yours now! 

Also I have to tell you about these new boots I got from Ambrosia Clothing. Kyle even told me how cool he thought they were when I tried them on the first time, so it’s husband approved you guys! Plus they are under $30! I mean how can you say no?!

Mint Shirt  ||  Purse  ||  Boots  ||  Photographer

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