We were a splishin’ and a splashin’, movin’ and a groovin’…oh yeah!!! Have you ever wanted to go down a giant 1000 foot slip ‘n slide?  Well now you can! Slide the City is this amazing event group that brings a giant slip ‘n slide to your city all around the USA.  Grab a tube and slide away!


They break it down into three different wave times to help control the crowds, which is definitely a good idea.  We did the 12:00 time (which was the earliest) and if you were there right at 12 you wouldn’t have to wait so long in line.  We got in line around 12:30 and it took longer than I was hoping for.  We probably waited around a hour to go down the first time, but hanging out with my girls made it not too bad.  After that the lines began to die down though and it was taking people only around 30 minutes in line, which wasn’t bad at all.  It was fun, but it sure was hot out.  We had the triple slider, which meant we could’ve gone down 3 times, but ended up only going once because it was getting later in the afternoon.  Right after we went down the first time the slide started to release air so they had to pause it to take time to fix it.  It didn’t take too long though, thank goodness.  I was glad I went, especially with these fabulous girls!!


My Tips For Slide The City:
-Bring a Water Bottle: I was dying of thirst and just wanted to drink water.  Waiting in the hot sun in Utah at 12:00 in the afternoon without water was definitely not my smartest move.  They have water stations with little cups (that I didn’t find until around 2:00), but a water bottle would’ve been amazing.  I would suggest bringing a disposable water bottle to throw away before your ride so you don’t have to carry it around all day.

-Bring a Blown Up Tube: They provide tubes for you, but I loved having mine already blown up.  (Thanks Kyle! #1 Husband award!)

-Bring As Little As Possible: I brought a bag with a towel, but it wasn’t needed.  They provide a drawstring bag, which would’ve been all you need.  I brought a plastic zippered clutch from Mixed Bag Designs that was amazing to have.  I put my phone, a 20 dollar bill, and my ID and that was all I needed.  It was nice that the bag kept out the water.

-Plan on going as early as you can! I noticed that if we had gotten in line at 12:00, our first wait time would’ve been short, even about 10 minutes! Then if you have additional rides I would suggest planning on being there all afternoon.  This will make sure you aren’t stressed about trying to get home (like I was….whoops!).


My swimsuit is from Diviine Modestee that I have done a blog post about here.  It is one of my favorites and I love the length of the top, which was perfect for a slip ‘n slide because it never flew up and I stayed covered really easily.




Our photographer was the amazing Trish Karen.  She was a blast to work with and she put up with all our silly ideas, all while dying of heat!!

They are doing another Slide the City on July 30th in Orem if you want to go you can go to the link below.



Disclaimer: I received this Swimming Suit from Diviine Modestee to review.  All opinions are mine alone. I would never recommend a product to my readers that I didn’t truly love and use myself.

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