My Freshman year College GameDay came to the University of Utah and so my friends and I decided we needed to go.  It was a blast! We slept at my friend Sara’s dorm room and then went down to the stadium where they were filming around 5 am.  After we hung out for awhile, we went back to relax before the game because it was exhausting!

This year we found out GameDay was coming back! Kyle had gone when they went to BYU a few years back and since I had already been once, we were debating on whether or not we should go again.  We had both been sick for the last little while and we weren’t sure if it would be smart for us to wake up super early, just to stand there.  We knew there was NO WAY we would get on TV because we wouldn’t be sleeping over, so we decided we would see how we were feeling the night before.


My friend Emily texted me and told me that she had won a contest and would be able to get us on TV for GameDay.  We decided if we didn’t need to go super early, we might as well go! So Kyle, my brother Thomas, and his best friend Jordan, all went up to the U that morning.  It was pretty fun! We got on the TV during the Cheez-It fan of the week segment.  After that we walked around and then went back home and watched ourselves on the TV.  It was fun and really lucky that we didn’t have to get there too early.

This is a picture of Jordan taking a picture of us on the big TV screen in front of us, during filming.  It was hilarious.  Don’t you love Thomas’ funny face too?

Here is Sam Ponder’s twitter picture of the interview we were in the back of.  You can see Thomas in the background!

I really wanted to make a sign for GameDay, but I didn’t know what to put on it.  Finally it came to me! (If you don’t get it, we played #23 CAL who are the “bears”.) Sometimes I think I’m punny! haha

It was even better that we ended up winning the game that evening.  I’m so lucky that Kyle loves Utah Football so much! We have a blast following all the teams in the NCAA! I can’t believe college football is halfway over!

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