Let’s talk through the process of planning an outfit! You can use this same process when you are looking to plan an outfit.

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Type of Outfit

I knew I wanted to be comfy today, so I pulled out these amazing leggings. Knowing what type of outfit (casual, comfy, dressy, etc) is the first step to creating an outfit. It can help you know whether to use leggings, jeans, overalls, a dress, etc.

Color Scheme

After I knew I was wearing my leggings for comfort, I decided to choose the color scheme. Did I want bright colors or more neutral? This helps me match everything. I chose a neutral palette for this winter day.


I needed a top that was long enough to wear with leggings, so I went with a tunic. I chose this brown one to match my color palette of neutral.

Add Something

Many people stop here. They have a shirt and a bottom, so why keep going? But focusing on adding something after the initial top and bottom is crucial to taking your outfit to the next level. I wanted to add texture, so I added this vest (which is currently on sale for under $20). You can also add a hat, jewelry, belt, purse, or even just changing your shirt by tying it in a knot or doing the French tuck (that definitely adds something to your outfit).


I added a pair of wedges to help class up the outfit a little bit with the heel. This helped me look nicer when I went out. Had I wanted pure comfort I also could’ve gone with my pair of fleece lined booties.

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