I LOVE the Fourth of July. It’s always been one of my favorite holidays! Last year Kyle was on a family trip to Sun Valley and so we weren’t even in the same state on the 4th and I was pretty bummed out about it.  

This year we went to my family’s cabin up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  This has been a family tradition since before I was born and it is one of my favorite parts about this holiday.  Brighton Ski Resort does a big, delicious breakfast and a fun parade that we were always part of growing up.  My grandpa would hitch a trailer to his car and all the cousins would decorate it.  After all the decorations had been used we would hop in the trailer and throw candy to everyone along the route. It has always been a favorite childhood tradition and I was so excited to finally be able to share it with Kyle.


This year the breakfast was different than in years past and I was a little sad about it.  I had spent the whole week before describing to Kyle everything I had loved about the breakfast in years past.  I loved the red, white or blue plate you chose for which meal you wanted.  I loved the way they would cook everything right in front of you.  I loved the HUGE pancakes and the made to order omelets.  This year everyone got the same plate, they made the food in the back kitchen, the pancakes were small, and no omelets.  The line was pretty long too and we joked about how everything I was excited about had been changed.  Once we got our food though it was delicious and I was still glad we went.  With the line being so long we weren’t able to watch the parade, but we went back to my cabin and hung out with my extended family.


We had lunch and then walked around the cabin. We went to the river and Thomas decided we should follow the river as far as we could. So Thomas, Kyle, and I followed the river down rock by rock. It was really fun but got super tricky. I definitely fell in twice, luckily it wasn’t super deep and it only soaked my shoes and the bottom of my pants.

Later that evening Kyle and I went to my favorite restaurant, The Cheescake Factory. After that we headed to the Real Salt Lake soccer game. 
We are ALWAYS late to the soccer games (always my fault ha) and so the fact that we were going to be 15 minutes early to this game was a huge deal. We normally park about 15 minutes away and walk to the stadium. We got to the stadium when Kyle asked me if I had the tickets. That was when I realized I left them in the car. It was crazy because every game I always double check and ask Kyle if we have the tickets before we start walking and of course I didn’t this time. We walked back to our car and then started our trek again to the stadium. This caused us to be right on time to see the kick off and our friends were shocked. So although we weren’t early, at least we weren’t late.
I love that we have season tickets with some friends. Although we lost it was still a fun game. After the game they had fireworks, which were the best fireworks both Kyle and I had ever seen. There were always constant fireworks going off on the bottom part of the sky and then it was as if another show was going on above that. It was amazing!!! 
So you could say our first Fourth of July was pretty successful and I’m already looking forward to next year! 

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