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Let’s think back to our time in seventh grade.  You are starting Jr High School and really starting to figure out how to dress, do your hair and makeup.  Then there are the eyebrows.  When I first started plucking my eyebrows I had no idea what I was doing, but at 12 you can’t admit that, so I just attempted what was the worst possible eyebrow plucks in the history of eyebrow plucks.  Wait, I wasn’t the only one right? 

They were so thin and were not shaped the right way.  I tried to grow them out, but then I just had random hairs everywhere and it was so bad that I just kept plucking.  It was pretty embarrassing and something that I was always really self conscious about.  When I was in college I started to use makeup to fill in my eyebrows and that definitely helped, but I still wasn’t completely happy with them.  They weren’t shaped the right way and I would mentally shake my fist at my little seventh grade self.  So when I saw some of my blogger friends getting their eyebrows microbladed I was super intrigued.  

Here is where Amanda from Aesthetically You comes in to save the day.  You might have remembered Amanda in some of my past posts because she is the gal that I go to for my eyelash extensions.  She told me all about microblading and I immediately knew I wanted to get my eyebrows done.  If you haven’t heard of Microblading it is a semi-permanent way of inserting pigment into your skin to get you the desired shape and color of your eyebrows.  It stays for about 3-5 years and and you only need to go back about once a year for a touch up.  How great is that right?

When I first set up my appointment I was really excited, but then the nerves began to hit.  Would I really like them? What if the shape wasn’t what I ended up wanting? What if they looked too dark and I looked weird?  What if I ended up just not liking what they looked like and I was stuck with them for a few years? And the biggest question of all was “what if it hurts?”

I’m sort of a wimp when it comes to needles and so the fact that I was going to have someone numb me and then insert pigment into my skin was pretty freaky to me.  I figured if so many people were having it done though, it couldn’t be that bad.  Then the day before my appointment I was watching an Instagram Story of one of my blogger friends who had just had her eyebrows done and she went off on how bad it hurt.  I started to get nervous all over again, but knew the result would be totally worth the pain.

Well I am here to tell you the pain is hardly anything and the result is so worth it! When you start the appointment Amanda sits down with you and we tested out a variety of different colors on my face to see which I wanted.  Once I chose which color I thought matched the best, she drew the shape on my face until we had the exact shape I wanted.  Then she numbed my face with a numbing cream (so no needles yay!) and began to insert the pigment.  It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Honestly it just felt like someone was scraping my face, but nothing terrible (thank goodness).

When she was done I was so thrilled! I’ve been so happy with how they have turned out.  I love that now i have eyebrows that are shaped the correct way and I don’t have to spend time in the morning putting them on.  Seriously no more seventh grade eyebrows you guys!! It is the best! I have to go back for a one time follow up to finalize everything after they are healed, but that is also included in the cost of your first appointment.  

Before when I would fill in my eyebrows.  Eyelashes done by Amanda at Aesthetically You.

After my first microblading session. I am so in love with my eyebrows and the fact that I didn’t have to do anything!

What I love about Amanda is she has many hours of working in the beauty industry including being certified to do eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyeliner.  Make sure that when you are looking into getting your eyebrows done, that you look for someone who is highly trained and I would recommend someone who has training in more than just eyebrows.  If you are in Utah though, I highly recommend gong to Amanda.

You can view here website by clicking here.  There you can schedule an appointment, see her work, and even buy gift cards for others.  

All the photos in this post were taken by Charissa from Charissa Lee Photography.

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Outfit Details Here

Don’t hesitate to comment below with questions you may have and I can answer them the best that I can.  Thanks again for all your support! 

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