I’ve reviewed a lot of different swimwear this summer and you can click here to read more about my favorite modest swimwear shops, but today I’m sharing with you a fun romper to add to your swimwear collection. This romper from Doliray Swimwear is going to be my go to cover-up for whenever I go swimming now.


I chose the purple romper because I thought it was a unique color, and the tie dye pockets are a fun touch.  They also have a blue romper that is really cute too.  Let’s talk about pockets for a minute too! Pockets anything and it is automatically 10X better!


What I love about this company is that the romper is made to go in the water over your swimming suit so you always feel comfortable, modest, and covered up. They also provide navy blue striped swimming suits to match your romper. to be worn underneath or alone if you want! They have high waisted bottoms and then a separate bikini bra, that isn’t skimpy and has good coverage. You wear the two piece under the romper and then you are completely covered. I only wore my romper out of the water as a coverup, but you can also wear it as your swimming suit in the water. When they get wet you can see the outline of the swimming suit underneath, which is why you would want to buy their swimming suit to fit underneath. You can buy just the romper if you would want, but just make sure to wear a swimming suit underneath. If you want all three pieces you can also get a discount by buying the combo. Definitely check them out. I can’t wait to take this on all my vacations to use a coverup between the hotel room and the pool or beach!










Disclaimer: I received this Doliray Swimwear to review.  All opinions are mine alone. I would never recommend a product to my readers that I didn’t truly love and use myself.
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