I received this shirt from Opal and Ruby along with this skirt from TaraLynn’s Boutique to review.  All opinions are my own.

I am so excited to share these fun greenhouse photos with you, along with a cute outfit for the first day of spring! I also want to share with you a little bit about self love.  It is something that has been on my mind since this photoshoot.  Keep reading to see my thoughts and I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

I’m all about shopping on a budget and finding items that can be used with multiple different outfits, and this spring look is exactly that.  This top is one of my favorites because I can wear it with a skirt for a dressy look, with some ripped jeans for a casual look, or with some dress pants for a look I can wear to work.  I bought a blush version about a year ago for $30 and then ended up finding a red one on sale for only $22, but here is the best part….it is now on sale at Opal and Ruby for only $14.99! Now ready for the real kicker? You can get an additional 10% off when you use code “ELLIS”.  I always love when I find a good deal, but then when I find an even better deal, life is good!

Today I decided to pair it with a cute lace skirt from TaraLynn’s Boutique and the cutest wedge heels from Olive Ave.  I was wearing these heels after a baptism the other day and Kyle and I needed to run somewhere after.  So we ran to the car and I yelled out to Kyle that these heels felt like tennis shoes because of how comfortable they were to run in.  Now every time I wear them I think of how comfortable they are.  How many pairs of heels do you have that you can say that about?

Now I want to talk a little about self confidence.  I’ve never been one to like my naturally curly hair.  I find it big, puffy, frizzy, and it makes me feel as if I didn’t try or put effort into my appearance.  So I spend the majority of my days using a straightener to straighten the curls away.  I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I’ve realized that I have never shown my followers my naturally curly hair, and that hit me.  Maybe if I start accepting the things that I don’t like about myself, I can show at least one of my followers that they can do the same.  Now I’m not one to word things in the best way or share some elaborate analogy about self love, but if I can show you that I can do a whole photoshoot with over 16 thousand people seeing my naturally curly hair and begin to love it, you can too.  I want you to think of one thing you don’t love about yourself and think of just one reason it isn’t as bad as it could be.  I’ll go first! I really don’t like my naturally curly hair, but the one nice thing about it being curly is how quick it takes me to do in the mornings.  I get out of the shower, throw in some product, scrunch and done! It is really nice to be able to do my hair so quickly.  Alright, you ready? GO! I would even love if you would share yours in the comments below!

Navy Blue Blouse  ||  Lace Skirt  ||  Wedge Heels  ||  Photographer

Please Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission from your purchase. This does not increase your paying price in anyway, but helps me to afford the time and money that comes with blogging.  Remember I only post products that I love 100% and would never post anything I didn’t truly use and love.  Thanks for all your love and support with my blogging journey!

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