I am so excited to announce the t shirts that I designed over the summer are ready for purchase! It is still unreal to me that I was able to design and produce a shirt that anyone can buy! You can purchase here.

When I first found this company, Proven Collection, they told me all about how they create and manufacture t shirts that other people design.  They even have a design team that helped me to create exactly what I wanted.  It was a really cool experience and was much harder than I thought it would be.  It took me a long time before I came up with a shirt idea that I really liked, and that was when “red lips + sunkissed hair” was born.  I love wearing red lipstick and I’ve been dying my hair blonde, so it just seemed appropriate, especially for the summertime.

There are 3 types of styles to choose from and each is a different fit and color scheme.  Since I originally wanted to launch these during the summer, but it took longer than I thought to get them ready, today I want to show you how you can wear your “red lips + sunkissed hair” tee shirt (or any summer graphic tee shirt) all year round.

*Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links.  This doesn’t increase your price at all, but I do get a portion of money from your sale.  This helps to pay for any fees associated with my blog so I can continue to blog.  Thanks for the support!

#1 (FALL) – Tie Some Plaid Around Your Waist

Outfit Details: Gray Shirt  ||  Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt  ||  Jeans (similar) [my favorite brand, Flying Monkey]

One of my favorite ways to make a summer tee shirt match the fall trends, is to get a plaid flannel shirt and tie it around my waist. This helps to add a fall vibe, but still allow the tee shirt to be seen.  This is my go to on those early fall days where it’s not quite cold enough to wear a jacket. I also added a fall hat to give the outfit an added fall vibe.

#2 (WINTER) – Leather Jacket

Outfit Details: White Shirt  ||  Leather Jacket  ||  Jeans  ||  Leopard Heels

Wearing a leather jacket is one of my favorite ways to transform a tee shirt into a rockin’ winter outfit.  It not only helps to keep you warm, but it helps to give you an edgy feel that goes perfect with a graphic tee.  I added some heels with this outfit to show how you can also dress it up for a date night during the winter as well.  The leopard heels really help to keep the theme of edgy and stylish.

#3 (SPRING) – Ripped Shorts and Keds

Outfit Details: Black Shirt  ||  Shorts  ||  Red Keds

During the spring and summer I love throwing on a pair of ripped denim, some Keds, and getting outside.  Once spring hits, I definitely start going outside more, so comfortable shoes and easy to move in pants are a must.  I also added my KiKi Lu Design bag that is perfect for moms on the go or teachers (like me) who have a million things they are always carrying around!

Now that you’ve seen how to wear this shirt all year long, I’d love for you to go buy one for yourself so we can be twins! You can see the whole collection here or purchase individually below.  Thanks for all your love and support.  Even if you don’t buy one, don’t forget to pin the post, because these tips can be used for any graphic tee!

White Tee Shirt  ||  Gray Tee Shirt  ||  Black Tee Shirt

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