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Have you ever felt nervous to wear a new trend? You feel like they won’t fit your body type, you are good to just stick with what you always wear, or you don’t know how you are suppose to style it. Girl, I’ve been there! Recently I’ve seen everyone posting about their wide leg pants and they look so cute on everyone, but I always knew I could NEVER actually pull those off because of my skinny chicken legs.

I’m here to tell you that after some research and some trial and error, I’ve figured out how to style wide leg pants. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you and help you try out this new trend, which I’m sure you will come to love as I have.


When I first wanted to try this new wide leg trend, I went to My Sister’s Closet and tried on a few different kinds and decided to purchase these wide leg overalls. I almost didn’t purchase them, but with the help of the awesome stylists at the Shop My Shape event, they helped give me some tips.

Tip #1: Heels will be your best friend

My biggest tip that really changed everything for me was when I paired the overalls with these wedges. When I tried them on initially I wasn’t wearing any shoes, and I will tell you, I was hesitant. Once I paired the wedges with them, it completely changed the outfit. If you are hesitant, add some heels, and I know it’ll help you feel more confident.

If you don’t want to wear heels, throw on some converse with your high waisted jeans, and even better if it has some chunky laces. Feel free to wear thicked heeled tennis shoes or sandals, too. Just make sure the hem hits at the right place. Also be aware that the flare should begin around your shin if you want to wear sneakers or go for more of a crop fitted flare.

Tip #2: Bring in your waist

However you are wearing your wide leg pants, one of the biggest keys is to bring in the waist on your outfit. By bringing in the waist, it helps to not make the bottoms seem so bulky. Plus as an added bonus, it helps make your waist look smaller by doing so. You can bring in your waist by tucking in your shirt, wearing a fitted jacket, or adding a belt.

Tip #3: Be Propotional

Whenever you are creating an outfit, you should always be aware of the proportions you are creating. If you have larger bottoms, pair it with a more form fitting top. If you are going to have a more relaxed fitting top, make sure it is more of a crop top style (or shorter) and pair it with some high waisted jeans. As long as you remember tip #2 (bring in your waist) it’ll help you keep the correct proportions.

Tip #4: Where The Bottoms Should Hit

Be aware that the bottom of your pants should hit the top of your shoes. If you are doing the crop style, they should hit at your shins.


When I was talking on my Instagram Stories about what questions you had about wide leg pants, the biggest concern was that they won’t fit your body shape. Let me tell you, that is exactly how I felt. After a lot of research though, I’ve learned exactly what each body type should do to style wide leg pants to make you look your best.

Rectangle Shape: You can definitely pull of the wide leg pants as long as you remember to accent the waist. Doing that will help to bring in a more triangle shape which gives you the appearance of a hip and more feminine curves.

Pear Shape: The great thing about wide leg pants as a pear shape is it actually pulls focus away from your hips, which is what many pear shape women want. It helps to focus on the other parts and leaves your hips to not be the overwhelming part of your outfit.

Apple Shape: If this is your body type, I will say it is the hardest for you to pull of wide leg pants, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t. After researching, I’ve learned besides my other tips, throw on a long vest and remember that stripes and patterns are your friends.

Inverted Triangle Shape: This style is great for you because it actually helps to balance out your body. I highly recommend trying out this trend!

Petite: I am 5′ 3″ and 105 pounds, so if you are a petite woman and think you can’t pull off this trend, think again. What I love about being short and this trend, is that it actually helps to lengthen your legs and make you look taller. I make sure to wear heels and it helps even more.

They don’t drown me, but I do suggest not going too crazy with the flare part. Keep them high waisted and hem them if need be. They should hit you at the top of your shoe. If those still scare you, try out the crop style.

Plus Size: Try paper bag or high waisted styled to help you define your waist. Look for thicker fabrics as well. The pants should drape over your curves, so don’t be afraid to size up. I had so many women message me saying they are afraid to try them out, but I found a whole site with plus sized models who look incredible in wide leg denim. You can see that post here.

Everyone is worried they will make you look huge, but don’t worry, they won’t if you use the tips above.


1.High Waisted/Full Flare: These are great to accentuate the hip and create an hourglass feature. These are also great for hiding a muffin top.

2. Tight Upper Pants, Smaller Flare: These are great for people who have skinny legs.

3. Standard Leg and Wide Pant: These are great for anyone and help to hide thicker thighs.

4. Palazzo Pants: These are great for tall women and should be avoided if you are short. These are also great to be paired with sandals.


I love wide leg pants because you can wear them so many different ways and can wear them to a variety of places. From school to work, I’m going to show you how I styled 3 types of wide leg bottoms for 3 separate occasions.

STYLE #1: Black Wide Leg Denim with a Button Up Top

I love this style for so many reasons! I made sure to accent my waist by doing a half tuck. I’ve worn this on date night and to work. The button up helps to make it classier, and the leopard heels also help to take it up a level.

Shop These Black Wide Leg Denim Pants Here. (Use code “EVERDAYELLIS” for 10% off)

STYLE #2: Wide Leg Jumpsuits

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit. I normally wear jumpsuits that are more form fitting, so trying this wide leg jumpsuit was really different for me. I paired it with a pair of black wedges to help make me look even taller, and then tied the jumpsuit at the waist to help pull it all together. Pair it with a hat and some accessories to take it to the next level.

Shop The Jumpsuit here. You can also shop the wedges in their store. (Use code “EVERYDAYELLIS” for 10% off)

STYLE #3: Wide Leg Overalls

This was the first pair I bought and I’m so happy I did. I had to work through tightening the waist, which can be done with the strings. I paired it with a form fitting tee shirt and some wedges.

Shop The Overalls here. (Use code “EVERYDAYELLIS” for 10% off)

STYLE #4: Wide Leg Black Denim with a Casual Tee Shirt

This is great for those days where you just want to be casual or would be great to wear to school. I tucked in the tee shirt to help bring in my waist and I love the high waisted button up detail around my waist as well.

Shop The Pants here and the Tee Shirt here. (Use code “EVERYDAYELLIS” for 10% off)

I hope this blog post was beneficial for you! If you have any other questions that you felt like I didn’t answer, feel free to comment below or send me a message on Instagram here.

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