I was given these necklaces from Sequin Jewelry to review.  All opinions are my own.  Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I will be paid a portion of your sale.  This does not increase your cost in anyway, but helps to keep my blog running with all the fees involved.  Thanks for the love and support!

Today I am excited to share with you a company I recently found that sells unique and pretty jewelry.  The jewelry is simple and elegant, plus they have a variety of styles to choose from. I am here to share with you how I styled these necklaces for the holidays and some of my favorite items to give as gifts this holiday season.

My favorite part of the necklaces were how pretty every detail was.  The chains are pretty, they even have small ridges to make it unique, and and I love how many options you have to clasp to, allowing the length to be exactly what you need it to be.  The charms on the necklace were also unique.  The ones I received were small, and had different words written on each necklace.  They each had a different word and charm on the chains.  The first one had a heart with diamonds on the front with an additional heart charm that said “Love” on the front.  Second was a pretty round charm that had a turquoise jewel in the middle with another circle charm that said “Smile”.  Third included two triangle charms, one with the word “Be” and the other with a white jewel in the center.  The final necklace included two oval charms, one with the word “Grateful” and the other with another white jewel in the middle and a design that reminded me of a compass. You can shop the necklaces I have below.  Make sure to use code “ELLIS20” for 20% off as well!

What I love about the small charms is they are the perfect everyday wear necklace to wear around the holidays, especially because of the message they share as well.  I also loved wearing it with my fancy Christmas dress.  It added a simple touch, without taking away from the beauty of the dress and being overwhelming.

If you are looking for a holiday gift idea or stocking stuffer, these necklaces are perfect.  They even come in a cute Sequin bag to store the necklace in.  Find the perfect word to describe your best friend, mom, sister, or mother in law and put it on a necklace for a Christmas gift they will love.

I love supporting companies that have great customer service too, and that is exactly what happened with my experience at Sequin.  The second day that I wore one of my necklaces, the chain broke.  I was really disappointed as the material thy used seem high quality and I loved the necklace.  Bummed that it broke, I decided to reach out and let them know.  They immediately wrote back, let me know they were sorry and then said they were shipping me a new one.  Over my years of online shopping, I’ve run into a lot of different customer service experiences.  I understand that not every product is going to be perfect.  Some items may break or be ruined, at no fault to the company, but to me, it is what the company does when I reach out that makes me a returning customer.  So I will definitely be returning to Sequin, because their customer service is fast, responsive and kind.  

***UPDATE: Unfortunately after reaching out to Sequin for a third time, I never received my necklace like they told me they would send me. I was really bummed because I wear my other necklaces from them often, but having two necklaces break and then having them tell me they would send me another one, but then didn’t, really left a poor taste in my mouth after such a positive first experience. 

You can shop all of the Sequin Jewelry here: (Don’t forget code “ELLIS20”)

For more of my holiday favorites you can shop these items too:

You guys also know my love of Taylor Swift, so when I saw that she wears this exact Moon Choker Necklace from Sequin, I was so excited and knew I needed to go buy it!

Shop all of my favorites in one easy spot here:

What was your favorite item from my post? Do you like giving jewelry as gifts? Let me know in the comments below! 

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