Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite artist is Taylor Swift.  She has been my favorite since I first heard her song “Tim McGraw”.  My ringtone is “You Belong With Me” and my favorite songs to play on the piano are anything from one of her five books that I have.  Her songs had a way of saying the words that I always wanted to say, but never knew how.  So when I found out she was coming to Salt Lake City for her 1989 World Tour I knew I had to go.


This would be my third concert of hers that I’d been to.  Every year I make a shirt with my favorite line from each one of her songs from the album in a cool design on the back and wear it to the concert.

This year I was so excited because I would be able to go with Kyle.  I love that Kyle likes Taylor Swift.  I still remember one of the first nights we hung out we sat in his car listening to Taylor Swift.  I was showing him some of my favorite songs off the Red album and then we were listening to her other songs as well.  It was one of my favorite nights with Kyle.  Then I found out he has a Taylor Swift shirt from the “Fearless” tour that he wears around, especially as a lucky test shirt and that was when I realized I had found the guy for me!

Our seats weren’t very good…actually they were basically the worst we could have gotten, but I was soooo happy that I was there that as soon as the concert started I didn’t even care where my seats were.  I had originally tried to get seats during pre sale, but didn’t like the seats I got (I thought they weren’t close enough hahaha little did I know).  So then when I went to buy them on the day of the actual sale, even though I got on right at 10, it told me they were all sold out.  Luckily my friend Emily was able to snag an extra two for Kyle and I.  Thank goodness because there was no way I was missing this concert and I am so glad we didn’t!


One of my favorite parts was the bracelets that everyone got on their seat that would light up to the beat of the music.  It was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve seen at a concert.  They would flash with the beat and sometimes the color of yours would be different depending on the person next to you.  We loved it!


While we were waiting in line to buy a shirt and bracelet (because every year I get a bracelet and then wear it to the next concert!) there was a little girl probably about 6 or 7 standing next to us.  Kyle turns to me and whispers, “This little girl keeps staring at me!” Then about a minute later we hear “Mom, I didn’t know boys liked Taylor Swift!” Kyle and I about died laughing.  It was so cute.  All I could think of though was how lucky I was that we share a love of the same music and that MY HUSBAND would actually want to go to a Taylor Swift concert with me and ENJOY it! He sang all the lyrics too, which made it even more fun.  I love that he goes along with all my weird obsessions and that he loves them too.  I definitely found a keeper and I hope that little girl one day finds a cute boy who loves Taylor Swift too!Definitely one of my favorite concerts for sure.  Now to count down to her next concert!

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