This summer I took a break from the everyday happenings because life got a little crazy and I took a break from doing a lot of blog posts. Then September came and I felt like I was just trying to get back into the swing of things. So here we are, back into the groove and starting Quarter 4 off right!

September was a slower month, with a lot of just getting back into life after summer. Classes for my music studio started, I finally figured out a good groove with Instagram for my blog, and we kept the weekdays pretty casual. We spent our Monday and Tuesdays hanging out with our friends watching Bachelor in Paradise. Thursdays were spent playing on our indoor soccer team, and the weekends were full of date nights and hanging out with friends.

One of my favorite photoshoots this month was using my new Fujifilm camera to take photos of our Labor Day. My favorite photo was of little Lou taking a photo of Lexi. It just makes me laugh every time I see it. Lou was a good sport.

The following weekend we had the opportunity to watch our two twin two year old nieces. It was a blast. We went to the park, played with all my instruments, puppets, stuffed animals and toys, watched the Utah Football game, more playing at the park, taking the dogs on a walk, and more. It was fun to have them around and fun to have mom and dad gone so that they actually wanted to be with us! 😉

I spent a lot of time reorganizing my time and the work I do for my blog this past month. I organized how I do my instagram stories, to hopefully stay helpful and on task. I did a lot of fun campaigns and a lot of fun try ons for companies that I went shopping at for fun. I’m excited for October to help me focus on my blog and get it as organized as I feel like my Instagram is starting to feel.

That’s about it. A pretty boring month, but that means that October is here and I LOVE October. Kyle and I met in October and so it’s always been fun to celebrate and do fun fall activities that we did while dating. Don’t forget to follow along on my Instagram (@everyday_ellis) to see all the fun things we have going on.

Before we officially end this post though, I wanted to share my favorite items I bought this past September. I always love seeing what other people purchase, so I figured I’d share my list! Check it out below!


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