September started off exactly how I needed it to, nothing like the summer! haha As crazy as that probably sounds, the summer really wore me out. I felt like I was going a million miles an hour and unable to get into a routine. So to have a month that was a little calmer and allowed me to get back into the swing of things was exactly what I needed. Labor day was probably my favorite part of September. Kyle and I spent time getting rid of some old furniture in our loft to give it a makeover. We’ve had a pool table up there for about 6 months but haven’t been able to play it because of our big old couch and ginormous tv! So getting rid of a lot of it and having room to play pool was the best start to our day. Then we ran errands, got stuff done, and watched Kyle’s soccer game to end the day. It was such a simple day and yet my favorite of the entire month. A whole day of me and Kyle, being productive, shopping, and doing what we love. 

Of course my second favorite thing about September would definitely be that Utah Football is in full swing. There is just something about cheering on the Utes that brings me so much anxiety, stress, and yet pure joy all at the same time. I’m so happy that Kyle loves it just as much as I do too.

I got a new planner this month and I’ve been LOVING it. All my teacher friends had them while I was teaching and they looked amazing, but I always used my cheap one from Lakeshore and now I’m kicking myself for not using one of these sooner. Also the pens they sell are incredible and I’m already ready to buy more colors. You can see my planner here.

We went to the Utah State Fair this month with Sydney and Sarah. It’s been so crazy with friends moving away that our group is slowly getting smaller and smaller. The fair was still a blast and I loved hanging out with Syd and Sarah. We ended up seeing Thomas and his friends while there, so we went on the giant slide with them. Kyle and Sarah rode some crazy spin ride that made me and Syd want to barf just watching it, so we went and got a donut ice cream sandwich instead.

We spent one of our Saturday’s with Thomas and Stephani at Lagoon. We all have a Get Out Pass, so Lagoon was free. It was fun to spend time and I actually rode a lot of the rides and didn’t get sick, so that was a bonus. You can see more info about the Get Out Pass and a discount code in my blog post here. If you are in Utah, I highly recommend it.

We also celebrated our 2 year home anniversary this month on September 29. It’s so crazy to me that we’ve lived here for 2 years!

As great as September has been, I’m not going to lie I’m so excited for October! My second favorite month of the year!

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