September was one of those months that not a whole lot happened, and yet it went so fast that you wonder why you can’t remember doing a thing! I’ve been trying to be better about photographing our everyday life, including random photos of things we are doing or even just simple photos of us on a random Sunday evening.  I’ve loved it, but looking back, I still haven’t been as good as I wanted.  

We went to Swiss Days this year with Sydney and Thomas.  I went on a hunt for a Utah Utes garden decoration, but unfortunately they were all sold out.  Who knew they were so hard to find? I’ve been looking everywhere for one it feels like.  Then we got a Navajo Taco and some pie and ice cream and called it a night! 

The Utah vs BYU football game was this month and I was so happy we won! I live for College Football, but even more I live for Utah sports.  The game was too close for my comfort and I probably was on the verge of a heart attack, but we won so life was good! Doesn’t Lou look so cute in his jersey? I die every time he wears it! Also this family photo of us won us a $100 gift card to the U Red Zone! Wahoo!

The biggest thing that happened this year is I FINALLY GOT EXTENSIONS! I am so happy about it.  I had some when Kyle and I were dating and wore them to our wedding, but then didn’t have them after that.  I had been wanting my long hair back ever since and it is so nice to finally have it back! 

One day when I was driving to piano in Salt Lake I saw a random guy in a car wearing an Easter Bunny head driving around.  It was so funny and luckily I was at a stop light and could take a photo! What would a “everyday happenings” post be without something random that happened that I love remembering?

We still go on Friday night date night every week and I love it.  We went to Wise Guys one night and I left my ID at home, so we had to drive all the way home and get it, and back.  Luckily we made it in time for the show! 

We officially have been in our house for 1 year as of the end of September! It’s crazy to think we’ve lived here year.  I absolutely love our home. I’m so happy that we were able to find such a wonderful home! It made me realize I need to step up my decorating game though.  I’ve been lazy with it this last summer!

I had to include this photo of Lou because I love that he sleeps under the bed a lot, but this one just his head was under! Too funny! I sure love this little guy of ours!

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